Company Information

At Intellum, we have committed ourselves to rethinking the state of enterprise software. With each release, we strive to create solutions that are every bit as enjoyable, powerful, and user-friendly as the consumer applications that shape the rest of our lives.

Intellum’s enterprise technology solutions include EXCEED, an intuitive and technologically advanced LMS, and TRIBE SOCIAL, a social collaboration tool.

EXCEED, our award winning LMS, manages all types of learning content – from off-the-shelf courses to classroom training, virtual meetings to informal learning content. Its particular focus on user experience has earned EXCEED one of the industry’s highest renewal rates at 98%.

TRIBE SOCIAL, our social collaboration tool, maximizes your most important investment – people. With it’s deep EXCEED integration, TRIBE SOCIAL can help you jump-start informal learning, break down silos that restrict knowledge sharing, and capture the wisdom of your workforce.

We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Founded in 2000, Intellum  remains privately held and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Senior Management Team

  • Chip Ramsey, Chief Executive Officer
  • Will Simpson, Chief Operating Officer
  • Matt Gilley, Chief Relationship Officer
  • David Corrigan, Vice President of Sales

Market Differentiators

In terms of learning-related features and functionality, Exceed matches that provided by virtually any solution on the market. In fact, the company welcomes those considering an LMS purchase to try a trial version of the software to experience first-hand its robust functionality. Yet, Exceed stands apart from competitors in several key ways:


Intellum is committed to ensuring that customers recognize rapid investment value. This is accomplished in several ways, including:

  • Expedited implementation at no extra cost.

    Because Exceed is completely web-based and built on the latest, most adaptable technologies, most companies have a solution up and running in less than a month.

  • Multiple licensing options

    Customers can choose the most cost-efficient option for their needs – whether that’s based on usage or number of users. The company also offers a licensing option designed specifically for those companies selling learning.

  • No additional maintenance costs.

    The company does not charge for maintenance. Exceed’s web-based technology underpinnings means the company can avoid the expensive and problematic upgrades and bug fixes that plague most software companies. Exceed’s elegant simplicity – evocative of today’s most popular applications – makes the solution exceptionally easy to adopt and use.


Intellum offers customers the best of both worlds – a stable of more than 70 off-the-shelf reports that can be used as is or easily customized, as well as the ability to create real-time or scheduled queries (simple to complex) on all database items. Exceed’s reporting flexibility eliminates expensive customization programming and makes it a superior solution for those companies with stringent or unique reporting requirements.


Intellum’s management is committed to maintaining its privately held status and staying focused on its mission to provide superior solutions for corporate learning and individual development.


Customers never need to worry about problematic bug fixes, expensive upgrades, outdated code, or stagnant functionality.


For those companies requiring content, Intellum offers comprehensive custom course development services and a library of approximately 20,000 off-the-shelf courses. Exceed easily integrates with any standard e-learning courseware and manages a wide range of informal learning assets, including video files.