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Intellum Platform
Customer Education
Partner Education
Employee Education
eLearning Courses
Learning Paths
Features / Functionality
Assessments / Evaluations
Social / Collaboration
Content Management
User Tracking
Data Export
What IDeaS Wanted
How Intellum Delivered

IDeaS started with 5,000 users and expects to grow to more than 10,000 in the next 3 years.

Intellum currently has 10+ million users on the platform, consuming content inside our clients' learning environments. Like IDeaS, Intellum is a solely SaaS model, offering tremendous benefits over the traditional enterprise software installation model and providing unlimited scalability to support user and activity growth.

Flexibility of Content
IDeaS wanted to include original content like explainer videos, with such curated content as TEDtalks and presentations, to give users a more dynamic and engaging experience.

IDeaS leveraged Intellum's open asset approach to mix-and-match content types, like videos, in-person sessions and links; and built a clear, organized learning structure using Topics and Paths. As Sarah puts it, "These have been magically successful."

Better Data + Insights
IDeaS needed better data to share with their client-facing teams, not only to understand how, and if, they were consuming content, but also to prove the value of their investment. They wanted to follow users through the platform to learn if they were logging in and staying in the platform, enrolling in and completing the activities.

Previously, Sarah and her team had unwieldy data, and little visibility into how - or if - their clients were completing the training. Using Intellum's proprietary reporting engine, IDeaS can now report on anything in their learning database, giving them full transparency intehir clients' progress…and moving them closer to their "blue ocean" goal of assessing the health of their clients' business.

Reduced Downtime
With their previous platform, IDeaS was routinely experiencing 30-40 hours of downtime annually, which significantly impacted their clients.

Since implementing the Intellum Platform, IDeaS has had no system downtime, meaning their clients are able to access the training they need, when they need it.

Reduced Support Tickets
When IDeaS implemented the Intellum Platform, they had 430 open cases for the previous system.

In the year since implementing the Intellum Platform, that number has dropped by 90%.

Increased Engagement
IDeaS users generally hovered in the 20% completions range.

Engagement has jumped to an average of 70% completions on the Intellum Platform. According to Sarah, "Our worst completion rate now is what our highest completion rate used to be."

Global users
Average new users per month
New global average monthly enrollments
New activities added each month, on average
Minutes spent per course, on average
Map of The United States
#1 United States
Map of India
#2 India
Map of Brazil
#3 Brazil
Map of Mexico
#4 Mexico
Map of South Korea
#5 South Korea

Research Currently Underway

Our research initiatives strive to uncover how learning advances real-world outcomes in two key areas: customer education and workplace learning. 

Nanolearning Durations

We are examining how carefully-developed nanolearning segments can drive enrollment and completion behaviors by identifying the optimal duration for those segments.
Status: In Progress | Completion: Q1, 2021

The Impact of Notifications

We are examining how platform-driven learner notifications can drive enrollment and completion behaviors and we are coupling our own research with evidence-based best practices in notification implementation.
Status: In Progress | Completion: Q2, 2021
University of Alabama logo

Customer Journey with U of A

In partnership with the University of Alabama, we are conducting a study that identifies the ways in which learning can nudge customers to move along the customer journey.
Status: In Progress | Completion: Q3, 2021
Cornell University logo

Sales Performance with Cornell

In partnership with Cornell University, we are conducting a study that identifies the strength of the correlation between learning and sales performance.
Status: In Progress | Completion: Q4, 2021

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