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3 Ways to Leverage Curated Content

We’ve written recently about the direct correlation between consistently adding content to the learning environment and improving the level of user engagement.


Unless you have a massive team of IDs dedicated to SCORM course development, you are probably looking into supplementing your existing learning content with informal assets that will engage and inform your users. We have been working on how our clients identify and leverage this kind of informal content for some time, as the structured addition of bite-size, informal content is proving to be a powerful engagement tactic.   

When ATD asked Intellum’s curation experts to author an article on how to improve engagement through curation, Julia and Chris shared three easy ways to leverage the great content that already exists on the internet.

"The great thing about content curation is that there’s a never-ending source of quality learning content online; if something you’ve curated isn’t up to par anymore, you can easily replace it with something that is."  

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