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Cultivating a Learning Organization with Geographically Diverse Employees

How do you cultivate a learning organization when your employees are geographically diverse? LAZ Parking has more than 6,500 employees in 240 cities, across 22 states. Many of those employees are hourly workers, who don’t have access to a computer on-the-job. Andi Campbell, LAZ’s Director of Employee Learning and Development, wanted to find a way to connect them to information, best practices and each other with the ultimate goal of driving engagement, reducing turnover and cultivating talent.


On this webinar, Andi shares her implementation strategy – and results – for LAZ Parking’s “just-in-time” learning culture. Using Tribe Social, Intellum’s exciting new social networking tool, Andi built the infrastructure for employees to ask questions, share experiences and upload content. Within only a few months of its launch, the “LAZ Nation Online” tribe was thriving! With its seamless connection to Exceed, Intellum’s LMS, online collaboration has become an essential piece of LAZ Parking’s progressive learning strategy.


In this session, you will learn how to…


• Connect and engage geographically diverse employees through online collaboration,

• Mitigate risks and costs of online collaboration, and

• Integrate online collaboration into your company’s overall learning strategy

• This webinar has been posted in the Intellum Think Tank tribe within Tribe Social. To access this tribe, please email us.