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Five Questions: Greg Rose


Hey everyone, we’d like to introduce Greg, our VP of Marketing here at Intellum!

He is the man with a hand in everything--organizing and orchestrating our company’s mission, creating websites and articles as Intellum’s wordsmith, and generally raising the level of ‘cool’ around the office.

We recently sat down with him to discuss his favorite Atlanta haunts, the thrills of recent fatherhood, and exciting, upcoming software at Intellum… take a look!


So Greg, we know that you are a tried and true resident of East Atlanta Village. In your time there, what is your best East Atlanta story/experience that sums up why you love the area so much?


Oh man - what happens in EAV STAYS in EAV!  We moved to the neighborhood about 10 years ago, when we were younger and a lot . . . wilder. I’m sorry to inform you that this audience does not have the required clearance for my “best” stories. Honestly, though, I can not think of a better cross section of life in Atlanta. The EAV is the epicenter of live music, dive bars, good eats, art, hip hop and rock & roll culture. Residents and visitors alike are as cool and diverse as the restaurants, bars and shops that make up this part of the city. So, while the EAV is a great cross section of Atlanta, there is no better cross section of EAV than Joe’s coffee shop. This is the central gathering place for all neighborhood residents. From local politics to breaking music, it all gets hashed out at Joes. My best EAV experience actually occurs every morning when I walk into “my” coffee shop and get greated like Norm from Cheers. There is no better feeling than being a regular.


If you could pick one album, start to finish, to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be and why?   


Guns N’ Roses, Appetite For Destruction. This is an incredibly important record, from a history-of-rock-&-roll perspective. It is the best selling debut album of all time. It was one of the last major label releases to be recorded and edited on tape. Axel Rose’s voice, Slash and Izzy’s dueling guitars and Duff’s driving bass lines drew a hard line between “hard rock” and “hair metal.” I remember hearing those first singles on the radio in 1987-1988 and I have been hooked ever since. If I had to hear one album on continuous loop in the background as I progressed through every day of the rest of my life - it would have to be Appetite.


You're a new dad! What were your hobbies/interests before the baby? After baby?


My daughter is 9 months old. Prior to her arrival, we were very much ingrained in Atlanta’s music scene. As an amateur musician and former record label owner, I lived for live music. That’s one of the reasons we moved to EAV, to make seeing live music as easy as possible. I’ve caught a few live shows since my daughter’s arrival, but not to the extent of our pre-parenting days, that’s for sure. And I couldn’t be happier about it. SHE is my newest, favorite hobby.

The goods news is that babies sleep a lot, so I still read a lot of comic books. I play a little music every now and then and there is plenty of time for movies. Maybe not in the theater … but we wear out the OnDemand button.


What is happening at Intellum that you are most pumped about?


Well, there are definitely some Intellum announcements coming in the not-so-distant future that make the marketer in me giddy, but I can’t discuss those . . . yet.  So the thing I’m most excited about right now, that IS shareable, is Intellum’s focus on the employee experience. When I joined the company two months ago, I was fascinated by the idea that Intellum built workplace software that was as modern and easy to use as the consumer applications that we rely on in our everyday lives. These tools are simultaneously powerful and simple, which I think is the definition of “elegance” in the technology space.

But after just two months here, I’ve realized that the real impact is recognized when our clients use these tools together to signfiicantly increase employee engagement. This is bigger than training or social collaboration. By offering employees access to these modern, enjoyable, cool tools, our clients deliver a better employee experience. Improving engagement is all about improving the experience employees have working for a company.  As more clients begin to incorporate our new video platform Reels with the Exceed LMS and Tribe Social, I'm most excited to see the growth in employee engagement I know will be the result.


What is your spirit animal?


I’ve always felt like the Hawk was my spirit animal.

And Dave Grohl. Definitely Dave Grohl.