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Habitat for Humanity - A Construct for LMS Selection

Susan O’Connell, Habitat for Humanity’s learning and organizational development manager, will share how to successfully plan and execute an LMS selection process. There will also be material on how best to implement an LMS post-selection.


Habitat for Humanity International’s legacy LMS, launched in 2005, had served the housing ministry’s early learning needs well. But as the non-profit grew to include staff in 70 countries and thousands of new volunteers each year (at times registering up to 200 new users each month), by 2011 the organization had outgrown the solution.


Ms. O’Connell led the search and decision-making initiative. Budget was obviously a huge factor for the non-profit, as was ownership overhead. O’Connell also didn’t want to compromise on functionality, due to the needs of Habitat’s highly diverse, and complex global learning audience.


In this webinar, you will gain insight on:


• How to summarize and prioritize business needs for the LMS selection process;

• How to leverage key resources (from your internal IT experts to free webinars to professional associations) during the selection process;

• How to understand pricing structures and total ownership costs;

• How to develop detailed use case scenarios (and the critical importance of a ‘sandbox’ for testing these scenarios); and

• Once the selection is made, how best to implement the new LMS.