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Webinar: Integrated Development

Integrated Development: Building a High Performance Culture by Unifying Talent and Learning Management


Talent management systems identify high potential employees and opportunities for development. But then what? By integrating learning into your talent management processes, you can close the gaps and build on the potential identified by talent management.


Learning management systems often contain valuable untapped resources. Without a methodology to identify competency gaps and recognize employee potential, even the greatest training and content is underutilized. Integrating with talent management enables learning content to get mapped in real time to an employee’s developmental needs.


In this webinar, we explored the following:


• How a talent management system can realize its full potential with the integration of learning management

• How a learning management system is more relevant and effective when interconnected to talent management

• What true system integration looks like and why this makes a difference

• The analytical benefits when systems share data

• Why integration leads to higher employee engagement



Date: Fri, Nov. 29, 2013

Time: 1:00 - 2:00PM EST


Matt Gilley, Co-Founder of Intellum

Kevin Sessions, President at TalentQuest


Watch a Recording of the Webinar