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Intellum's Exceed LMS - How to Successfully Select and Implement a Learning Management System

On this webinar, Michele Chetwynd, Intellum’s Health Services Specialist, shared her stories on the evaluation of a learning management system (LMS). Learn what steps were taken when she was on the buying end of the sales process and how she was able to overcome the many roadblocks she encountered along the way in the healthcare industry. She also shared stories about other hospital clients and their implemented successes via GoToWebinar.


The following are some of the topics covered:


• Steps in evaluating your LMS Options,

• Focusing not only on the admin but also student experiences,

• Letting your needs drive selection and not the marketing speak from vendors,

• How to line your ‘ducks in a row’ for implementation.


Michelle also discussed vendor transparency and customer service and how they both play a key role in managing a successful implementation.