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Five Questions: Matt Gilley

As one of the three original founders of Intellum, and our Chief Relationship Officer, chances are you know Matt Gilley. Whether he is discussing strategy with clients, or coaching football, basketball, or baseball for his kids’ teams, Matt loves teaching concepts and helping others apply these concepts to their lives and businesses. What you may NOT know is that he’s a Taylor Swift-listening Gemini, who keeps busy chasing after three kids while cheering on the Georgia Bulldawgs. We asked him 5 questions, and you won’t want to miss his answers! Read them here!

Before Intellum you had several jobs: sportscaster, ER attendant, construction—What was your most interesting experience on the job?

The most interesting job was the one in the ER, which I worked for three summers in high school. My father was a doctor, and I kinda knew what he did before this experience. However, during these summers early in the morning, I was able to shadow my dad as he made what are called “Rounds.” This is when your doctor comes to check up on you after a procedure, for instance. I knew “Dad,” but I got to meet and see firsthand what ‘Dad the Doctor’ looked like. I would put his bedside manner up against any physician in the world, and that experience really helped me develop a strong appreciation for his craft, how much he cared about what he was doing for the patient. It was an amazing bonding experience!

Where do you see the future of eLearning going?

Away from SCORM-based, slideware content. I see the future of elearning mirroring how we learn in our personal lives. I would never watch a 20 slide “course” on how to train for a triathlon. I would watch a TED Talk on the topic though. I see greater use of video, shorter vignette learning modules, and a broader focus on the student as a learner, not a trainee. There is a big difference in those two words. This move away from traditional elearning is especially important with the kids coming into the workforce. We need to engage and communicate much better than we have in the past.

Kids say the darndest things—What is the funniest thing one of your kids has ever said to you?

So, first of all, I love talking to kids. They do say the darndest things, and I enjoy coaxing information out of them. I ask questions like, what is your favorite color, for instance. I was on a roll this summer break asking a series of questions to my six year old daughter.Q: What is your favorite land animal?A: Probably a zebra.Q: Why?A: I like their cool stripes.Q: What is your favorite animal in the sea?A: Definitely a zebra that can hold its breath forever.Q: Why?A: Dad, I just told you they have pretty stripes.Yes they do, cutie, yes they do.

You claim to have terrible taste in music, what is the best/worst band that you love to listen to?

Hold on now, that wasn’t a claim, that was a label given to me! I love Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, all the stuff my parents listened to, and I also love the music I grew up with, 90’s grunge like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc. My guilty pleasure is actually enjoying listening to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift: I would qualify that music as the best worst music. I really don’t like it…but it’s so catchy.

What is your Spirit Animal?

Cheetah. I’ve never been able to sit still and must have something going on at all times of my waking day. I probably over-schedule myself between my personal and professional life, but I can’t help it. During weekends, we are never at home. We’re either at a commitment, or if not, we are rafting, hiking, biking…you name it. I enjoy my fast life, so the cheetah has always been my favorite animal. Oh also, I really want to go on safari!