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High-Octane Blended Learning: NASCAR’s Award-Winning External Workforce Training Strategy


Safety is NASCAR’s highest priority at the 29 race tracks that host NASCAR events. Geographically dispersed throughout the United States, the tracks employ approximately 6,000 track service workers, including fire, EMS, and operations professionals. NASCAR needs to ensure that these personnel are highly skilled in the latest safety and emergency services every year.


Training requires hands-on learning using safety and emergency equipment and practicing response skills and procedures at the track under realistic scenarios. In order to accommodate training, the tracks must completely shut down for regular business during training exercises (normally two full days).


In this webinar, you’ll learn how NASCAR’s training and development department partnered with the track services training team to reduce the amount of classroom instruction time during these two-day track training sessions to free up more time for actual hands-on practice.


Over the last two years, the team has built up online, self-paced offerings – free of charge — on topics ranging from “On Track EMS” to “Race Vehicle Familiarization.” Courses are available via tablets and mobile devices. To handle learner management, the team worked with Intellum to create tracking via bar codes on workers’ ID cards. Training coordinators at the track scan ID cards to automatically record on-site course credits in the learner’s account (through an import function in Exceed) in the NASCAR LMS. Coordinators also can run reports within the LMS to view training records and prescribe additional training.


Attendees will learn from this presentation best practices and technology options for managing and tracking critical training for large, dispersed, and varied audiences, including contractors and partner personnel.



Date: Wed, Nov. 12, 2014

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m., EST


Karen Masencup, Director of Training and Development, NASCAR

Beverly Weslowski, Instructional Designer, Training and Development, NASCAR


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