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New York City 2012

The Intellum “Meet Ups” are an opportunity for invited senior executives to discuss, and take-away, real industry knowledge & business case scenarios; while expanding their network without cost or hassle.


This is an “Anti-Hype Cycle Event” – let’s get beyond the hype and talk about the real delivery and value of areas like: mobile learning, social collaboration and innovation, aligning with the business, solving business or performance issues through social collaboration , compliance and a consultative approach to L&D (and any recommended topics by participants). “Meet Ups” will focus on one topic at time and will be in casual and comfortable locations to discuss.


This event was hosted on December 5th at The Papillon Bistro ( in midtown at 22 East 54th Street, New York, NY 10022.


In this event NYC based executives talked about the true meaning of ‘social collaboration’ in the corporate world. They attempted to answer:


“Why is social collaboration such a hot topic and yet very few if any can do it right, in a business environment?"


It was an aggressive, almost argumentative debate with senior executives from many different sectors, businesses and organizations. There was not a clear agreement on the definition of social collaboration – with most participating considering it purely virtual (via technology) versus it including a blended physical component.


Most participants in NYC came with a particular agenda in mind. The details below best illustrate the driving forces behind all but a few who participated.


Intellum Meet Up Summary NYC (PDF)