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Five Questions: Tamara Jones

August 21, 2015

As a seasoned Learning Technology Consultant, Tamara Jones knows her way around an LMS. She is a master at client implementations, account strategy, and project management (with a certification from GA State!) and also leads quality assurance for the Services Team. Tamara graduated from Georgia State with a Bachelor’s in Advanced Composition & Rhetoric and, before Intellum, had a background in copy-editing and sales. Now, she loves working as an LTC and, in her free time, devours novels and stadium hot dogs alike—as an avid books and Braves fan—loves a good broadway musical, and enjoys a quiet moment with her telescope and the stars. We ask her about all this and more below!


With your 2 year anniversary with Intellum right around the corner, what do you love most about what you do?

Listening to the amazing ideas and initiatives that our clients have developed within their organizations and then helping them make it a reality in the LMS. I love big ideas and working with the Product Team and our clients to make them much more than that is incredibly rewarding.


Is Pluto a Planet?

Yes! Where would my 5th grade solar system project be without Pluto?! (sidenote: my hand-cut, felt comets flying through the universe was my proudest artistic achievement)


Bugs, tents and foraging for food—this kind of camping isn’t really your style. Can you tell us about your recent adventure “glamping” (glamour camping) in the woods of Georgia?

Well your typical camping experience is definitely amped up by the addition of onsite showers, a DJ and live band (dance floor included!) and the bouncy house of my 10 year old dreams. Onsite catering, riding around on gators and teaching a kid the difference between a butterfly and a bat (yeah, that happened) Also, bass fishing! When your biggest problem is “where am I going to hang this hammock?”, there really aren’t any lows.


What three authors would you invite to dinner and why?

Mark Twain for the jokes - laughter is the best appetizer

Sir Thomas Moore for dinner! - nothing pairs better with a porterhouse than some 16th c. satire

Poe for frightening tales over dessert, cannoli and some Tell Tale Heart anyone?


What is your spirit animal?

The Lorax.

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