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Team Software + Intellum; Illustrating the Value of LMS Integration

Implementing a learning management system (LMS) into your business can help you meet the ongoing challenges of training employees, tracking compliance and certifications and sharing job-specific knowledge. The ability to integrate an LMS into your current financial, operations and workforce management solution can help you maximize efficiency and lead you to more profit.


Join representatives from TEAM Software and Intellum as they highlight the value of the integration between Intellum’s Exceed, a world-class enterprise LMS, and TEAM Software’s financial, operations and workforce management solution called WinTeam.


In this webinar, you will gain insight on:


• How the TEAM/Intellum integration can streamline processes and reduce risk;

• Tracking and notification capabilities for employee skills, qualifications, training courses, and professional certifications;

• Effective management of local, state, and federal training mandates;

• Mobile device compatibility for conducting training in the field;

• Access to the client’s own, real-world, personnel data, automatically updated on a daily basis; and

• TEAM University, TEAM Software’s forthcoming series of software training modules.