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Selecting an LMS that Aligns with Your Learning Strategy


Join David Kervella of Healthcare Partners, one of the nation’s fastest growing medical groups, in a discussion of how the selection of an LMS has brought dramatic and positive change to the way his organization approaches training.


Kervella will touch on the selection criteria he applied to system evaluation — including supporting his organizational learning strategy, security requirements, reporting flexibility, integration capabilities, notification and tracking, and internal IT support requirements. He’ll detail issues uncovered in a security audit with a popular open source solution, as well as the wide disparity in pricing he discovered when comparing pricing models. He’ll also detail how he rebuilt the business case for an LMS following an initial denial from his executives.


Kervella will also share his implementation and change management process, which included a proof of concept and staged release to multiple employee groups.


Selecting an LMS that Aligns with your Learning Strategy