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Q1 2019: Content Development

Announcing Quarterly Releases

Let’s get the big news to the top of the fold. Intellum is officially moving to a quarterly release cycle. In 2019 we plan to drop four significant releases at the tail end of each quarter that will serve as significant milestones in our 2019 development process. This new approach will allow us to prioritize and organize new features and functionality under quarterly themes. Each quarterly theme will build off of the previous quarters to help us further streamline the evolution of the tool. We think quarterly themed releases will also streamline communication and make it easier for you to capture and share our plan and our progress with your organizations.

We are still operating under a release early, release often mentality. We will maintain our weekly updates and continue to deliver the supporting release notes. There may even be a few times during the year that we decide that it’s in everyone’s best interest to release something ahead of the next quarterly release, but we think those will be few and far between, and we will make sure you are notified and prepared well in advance.

Q1: An All New Approach to Content Development

In This Release:


Introducing Pages

We’ve been building a streamlined approach to content development directly within the Intellum Platform - w00t!The all-new Pages will allow you to rapidly create and deploy content that is highly engaging, more flexible and easily editable. This simplified content creation approach allows you to:

At the beginning of March, we will show you how new activities like links and files become components that can be added to a new Page with a simplified WYSIWYG editor. Until then, the idea is that you will be able to rapidly build a page with the following components:

This will have a minimal impact on the overall organizational structure of the learning environment and the hierarchy, which, once live, will look something like this:

Collections > Paths > Pages
(and/or other Activities)

You will still be able to create individual activities like Links, Files, Assessments, and Posts and nothing will happen to your existing activities or your learner’s experience in the tool. Pages will just become another activity type in the list that you can start experimenting with and testing.

If you would like a sneak peek of what’s possible with Pages, check out this text experience @Julia_Huprich built. It’s a work in progress and you will notice there aren’t any assessments in there yet because we are completing work on the experience of adding an assessment right now. But this should get the juices flowing:

Introducing Custom Navigation

As you continue to explore and experiment with Pages and rethink what learning content can be, we think you may also discover a need to create a button that leads to a unique destination, like a specific topic, or an external Web page.

In the Q1 release, we will introduce Custom Navigation which will allow you to add a button to the left-side navigation that links to a Page or a specific Topic.

When adding a navigation item you will be able to choose from a set of new generic icons that look and feel like what’s already in the platform. This should help keep things simple and minimize design decisions on your end.

Admin Experience Updates

The Q1 release will introduce the first round of updates to the Admin Experience, which will further support your experimentation with new Pages and new learning experiences. These updates include:

Throughout 2019 we will be consolidating tabs, simplifying the properties page and making several other changes that should make the platform even more intuitive.