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The 2019 Roadmap

Announcing Quarterly Releases

Let’s get the big news to the top of the fold. Intellum is officially moving to a quarterly release cycle. In 2019 we plan to drop four significant releases at the tail end of each quarter that will serve as significant milestones in our 2019 development process. This new approach will allow us to prioritize and organize new features and functionality under quarterly themes. Each quarterly theme will build off of the previous quarters to help us further streamline the evolution of the tool. We think quarterly themed releases will also streamline communication and make it easier for you to capture and share our plan and our progress with your organizations.

We are still operating under a release early, release often mentality. We will maintain our weekly updates and continue to deliver the supporting release notes. There may even be a few times during the year that we decide that it’s in everyone’s best interest to release something ahead of the next quarterly release, but we think those will be few and far between, and we will make sure you are notified and prepared well in advance.

Please note that this Page represents our plan for the 2019 Roadmap as of January 2019. It is, therefore, subject to change. As Chip says "You know that quote 'The best-laid plans…something, something…something, something." Well, the "something, somethings" certainly apply here. If a something changes, we will keep you in the loop.

2019 Is The Year Of The Experience (At Intellum)

This may be the year of the Pig, but at Intellum 2019 is all about experience. And we’re not just talking UI/UX here. We’re looking beyond traditional employee learning and customer education. We’re thinking about how our clients are actually using our tools today and how we can further align with your broader business goals tomorrow.

The truth is, our clients have been pushing the traditional boundaries of learning for some time. To stay ahead of the curve you now need to deliver a unique new experience to the various audiences your brand touches - and this kind of experience is just not achievable through courseware or the traditional Learning Management System.

So we’re going to grow into something new in 2019 that we are calling an “Experience Platform”… for now.

Side note: We’re going to sunset the Exceed brand in Q1. The learning environment will become “The Intellum Platform,” or simply Intellum, and we will think about Tribe and Level as add-on experiences to the tool. For now Tribe and Level will remain in the “app switcher,” but you’ll see below how that is going to improve as the year progresses. One thing to think about is that the URL to your learning environment will change, but clear messaging and a redirect on our end will ensure users don’t get lost. We will alert and prepare you when we get closer to executing this switch, of course.

Overview: 2019 Quarterly Release Themes and Schedule

Q1 Details: An All-New Approach To Content Development

We’ve been building a streamlined approach to content development directly within the Intellum Platform - WOOT!

The all-new Pages will allow you to rapidly create and deploy content that is highly engaging, more flexible and easily editable. This simplified content creation approach allows you to:

At the end of February, we will show you how your existing activities like links and files become components that can be added to a new Page with a simplified WYSIWYG editor. Until then, the idea is that you will be able to rapidly build a page with the following components:

This will have a minimal impact on the overall organizational structure of the learning environment and the hierarchy, which, once live, will look something like this:

New Pages will require an updated Path experience optimized to the new flow. We see this as a significant overall improvement to the user experience, but a minor change fro the admin's perspective, and we will walk you through this in more detail toward the end of February.

Q2 Details: Pull Content Management Directly Into The Tool

We're always thinking about engagement and we've built tons of engagement tactics (like personalized notifications and smart rows) into the platform, but the technology is only half of the success equation.

You still have to create and manage a significant amount of content. Historically, our larger clients have integrated the Intellum platform with their CCMS solutions, but we can simplify the process for you and pull the core content management functionality directly into the tool, including:



Simplified Integration with:

Side note: We are excited (read "cautiously optimistic") to share with you that in 2019 we will be exploring and testing a "full service" solution that allows us to develop, manage and market content on behalf of our clients. We are currently piloting this service with a small group of clients, and the early results are extremely positive. This service will include:

• Learner Journey Mapping
• Content Strategy Consulting
• Content Development & Execution (think new Pages)
• Learner Engagement/Re-engagement Strategy & Execution
• Outsourced Admin
• Reporting

Q3 Details: Dig Deeper Into Engagement & Re-engagement

With a steady hold on content development (Pages and New Paths) and content management (CCMS-like functionality), we will focus our Q3 efforts on understanding how all of this content is performing in the platform and what we can do to help improve engagement and re-engagement across the board.

We are going to start with Tribe, and integrate social engagement more seamlessly into the learning environment. This includes embedding the social experience directly into the Intellum Platform and introducing new chat functionality.

To further enable and promote community support directly within the tool (presenting a more modern alternative to tickets for our customer education-focused clients) we will make Q&A a Tribe type, and the Q&A approach will include things like:

If engagement is the science of capturing the users' attention, re-engagement is the science of maintaining that attention and mindshare over a longer period of time. In Q3, we will consolidate the re-engagement functionality into Level in two unique ways.

Team Challenges:

Notifications and Awards Improvements:

Q4 Details: Get Personal with Curriculum Development

This quarterly release thing is complicated. Scoping out and committing to 12 months of development is hard enough when you move as fast as Intellum does, but organizing and scheduling the work under quarterly themes this far in advance can be a real challenge. Today, Q4 of 2019 feels a long way off.

What we do know is that by October, we will be:

At the end of the day, the 2019 goal is to get as much content out there and consumed as possible so we can help figure out how to improve the effectiveness of the information and its ability to move the needle against your larger corporate initiatives.

By Q4 we expect to be reviewing with you how we are successfully using signals that originate both inside and outside of the Intellum platform to target individual users with personalized content.

2019 Is All About Experience

By the end of the year, Intellum will cease to be "just an LMS." We will have become something new, something different providing:

In 2020 Intellum will emerge as a full-blown "Experience Platform" that you can use to engage, entertain, and educate all of your prospects, customers, partners, and employees.