Enterprise software for the rest of us.


At Intellum, we have committed ourselves to rethinking the state of enterprise software. With each release, we strive to create solutions that are every bit as enjoyable, powerful, and user-friendly as the consumer applications that shape the rest of our lives.


An LMS that works as hard as you do.


Exceed has all of the features you would expect from an Enterprise Learning Management System, but thoughtfully implemented in a way that is easy to use and supported by people who care. When you are responsible for the training needs of an entire workforce, shouldn’t you have an LMS partner that works as hard as you do?


Group communication simplified.

Tribe Social is your very own private activity stream, where you can securely have discussions and share files in the same great ways that you’ve become accustomed to on public social networks–without all of the distractions that make consumer applications problematic for companies with serious work to do.

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Intellum Labs

We never stop looking for ways to help people reach their highest potential.  We interview, design, prototype, experiment–or put more simply, we play until we find an idea worth nurturing.  Many of the solutions in our labs may never see the light of day, but the creative endeavor itself tends to pay off in unexpected ways.


A private video platform that offers simple and secure sharing of videos, community comments, and viewer analytics.


A new approach to performance management that focuses on building successful habits through gamification.


A simple web-based publishing platform designed for longer form collections of content such as manuals and books.


A private question-and-answer website that allows users to ask questions of the community and vote the best answers to the top. 

98% customer retention rate

Our commitment to user experience and superior customer service has allowed us to partner and maintain relationships with top level clients including...

“As a partner, Intellum has been tremendous. They are truly a partner, in every sense of the word. Customer service is a big issue for G4S. Something we value and stake our reputation on. To know I receive the same quality of customer service from Intellum is priceless. They allow me to keep my attention focused on critical priorities rather than worrying about administration.”

Carmen Murrell Randall
Director, Field Training Services
G4S Secure Solutions (USA)

“We have experienced two other LMS products first-hand in the past 12 months, and believe me, there is NO comparison on any dimension: service, user interface, features/ functionality, reporting, or cost.  Intellum has those other products beat by a mile.  I know they care as much about our implementation’s success as we do.”

Kristin Lynde
Director of Learning & Development
Randstad Professionals, US

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