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What Research Reveals About AI in Customer Education

Dr. Anderson Campbell
May 28, 2024
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Over the last few years, AI has become front and center in conversations about how we get work done.

But who’s using it? How are they using it? And when it comes to education, what are the potential applications?

We recently commissioned research from Forrester to answer some of these questions. Forrester surveyed 300 U.S.-based customer education decision-makers across industries. 

Here’s what they found:

Half of Customer Education Teams Are Using AI Today

Of the 300 people surveyed, 51% are using AI today. 

A whopping 95% plan to use AI as part of their education programs within the next 12-18 months.

Whether you’re working to remove obstacles to implementation or waiting for AI to mature before diving in, if you’re not using AI yet, you’re in good company.

How Customer Education Teams Are Using AI

While AI is in various stages of implementation, the top intended education use cases are:

  • Accelerating content creation (73%)
  • Personalizing learning paths (61%)
  • Data analysis and visualization (60%)
  • Assessment creation (58%)
  • Transcription and translation (52%)

Interestingly, there weren’t huge differences in how small businesses are planning to use AI compared to enterprise organizations.

AI: Education’s Answer to “Do More With Less”

Many teams have been asked to “do more with less.” The only way that’s possible is through tools like AI. 

And while it may take some time to implement due to legal or security review, it’s time to start thinking about how AI can impact your work.

There are already a number of great AI tools in use for education content creation—and more that are progressing toward maturity. 

There’s also lots of opportunity on the horizon to further increase efficiency by applying AI to other use cases besides content creation.

The biggest thing to remember? AI has made great strides, but it’s not infallible. Make sure you do your due diligence not only vetting AI tools, but also reviewing outputs for quality. Just like with any method of delegation, leveraging AI depends on quality inputs and review of outputs.

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Dr. Anderson Campbell
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Anderson weaves years of academic teaching and learning experience into his current role at Intellum, where he blends his extensive background in higher education with innovative product marketing strategies for corporate education tools. As a former professor and a holder of a Doctorate in Leadership, Anderson’s approach to product marketing is deeply informed by his passion for education and commitment to help others grow into the best version of themselves.