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Here’s the bad news: while companies have gotten really good at selling outcomes to buyers, they often struggle to teach their users how to achieve these same outcomes.

This leads to dissatisfied customers, higher churn rates, and lower growth potential.

UI examples of Customer Training instances using the Intellum Platform, showing examples of virtual events from Google's Skillshop, Amazon Advertising and Facebook Blueprint

Here’s The Good News

You can overcome this challenge with customer education. Our data shows that average performing organizations can expect to see:

  • 36.1% increase in lifetime value
  • 22% increase in retention
  • 21.6% improvement in CSAT

But software alone won't deliver these results. The trick is knowing how to structure and execute an effective customer education strategy - which happens to be Intellum’s biggest competitive advantage.

The Smartest Way To Educate Customers

We turned decades of customer education experience into a data-driven methodology that eliminates the guesswork and focuses your efforts on achieving real-world business results through education.

Start With Your Business Goals

Intellum powers the most successful customer education initiatives in the world.

Let us help you hone in on specific, measurable, relevant, and achievable education goals that are going to move the company needle.

Set Your Content Strategy

Work with our team to determine how best to leverage existing assets and purpose-built content.

Structure your live and on-demand experiences to support the entire customer lifecycle, from client onboarding to certifications to full-blown user conferences.

Build For The Individual Customer

Segment your customers into clearly defined groups like "Enterprise" and "SMB." Create branded environments specific to that customer segment.

Make personalized content recommendations based on the individual user’s activity, history and persona.

Engage Customers In New Ways

Foster a sense of customer community and reinforce initiatives with social activity streams and one-on-one or group chat.

Introduce proven game mechanics like leaderboards, challenges, badges, and awards. Stay connected with in-platform, email, and mobile push notifications.

Measure, Improve, Repeat

With customer education, knowing what to measure and how to measure it can feel like a mystery.

We can help you build in the right measurement of success from the beginning so you can capitalize on what is working, continuously improve what is not, and clearly demonstrate the impact of your customer education initiative.

Let’s build better customer experiences together.