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We recognize that successful execution sometimes requires more than software. Our approach to strategic consulting and managed services is designed to guide you through the development, execution, and continuous improvement of a world-class education initiative, taking advantage of:

  • Intellum’s 20-year history of innovation and delivery
  • The most experienced practitioners in the industry
  • The continuous feedback of 15 million+ users
  • The best practices identified by a wide range of clients
  • The application of our learning science research

Our goal is to ensure that your education initiative is achieving the business results that matter most.

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Education Strategy Consulting

Whether you are launching a new education initiative, expanding your current program, or want to improve your existing program's performance, Intellum can help.

Our team of successful, experienced corporate education practitioners will dig into your learner needs and desired outcomes to help you lay the groundwork for a successful program.

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From The Ground Up

For organizations or teams that are new to customer, partner, or employee education, Intellum provides high-level, strategic program consulting.

We can help identify audiences, audience needs, modalities, methods of measurement, roles and responsibilities, and even external vendors like content development agencies.

New Initiatives In Existing Programs

When organizations have an education program in place but are embarking on a new initiative, Intellum can help.

From expanding target audiences to launching a certification program, our team can provide the insights and best practices that give your new initiative the competitive advantage.

Performance Improvement

Sometimes fully-developed initiatives just need a performance boost.

Our team can review content and engagement strategies, evaluate performance, identify areas for improvement, and suggest strategies for quick wins.

Dedicated Platform Specialists

It’s no secret that we know our own platform better than anyone else. Introducing a full-time, experienced Intellum Platform Specialist will take administration of your education environment to a whole new level.
Our dedicated Platform Specialists are Intellum FTEs who augment your existing team, can live with us or with you, and own day-to-day management and administration of the Intellum Platform.

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From Optimization to Administration

Platform Specialists focus on strategic execution and the data-driven improvements that keep you ahead of the curve and hitting your stated goals.

  • Consistent implementation of new features and functionality 
  • Project management and quality assurance
  • Oversight of content, topics, and users
  • Continuous improvement of personalization, engagement, and automation
  • Performance tracking, reporting, data visualization
  • Stakeholder check-ins and collaboration
  • Branding consistency and guidance

Ready to take your program to the next level?