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Chances are, your company is really good at selling outcomes but not as good at teaching your customers, partners, and employees how to achieve those outcomes.

We created the ultimate education platform to help you overcome this challenge. Our proven, data-driven methodology ensures our clients, and their users, are achieving the outcomes that matter most.

Why Audience Education Matters
Misalignment = Missed Opportunities

When companies struggle to align their customers, partners, and employees on the products and services they sell, they feel the negative impact in very real ways:

  • Increases in customer churn
  • Product utilization issues
  • Missed cross-sell/upsell opportunities
  • Increases in support costs
  • Declining audience engagement
  • Decreases in revenue
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Why Audience Education Matters
When Done Correctly, Education Solves The Problem

When companies successfully align their audiences on the products and services they sell, they see incredibly positive results. 

In fact, we partnered with Forrester Consulting to publish the most comprehensive research to date on the impact of customer education and the results on top-line revenue, performance and retention are staggering.

Impact Per
Educated User
Business IMpact
Increased Revenue
Increased Retention
Reduced Support Costs
There is a lot more:

More Ways Intellum Can Help

We help some of the largest brands and fastest-moving companies in the world achieve mission-critical business outcomes through education, and we can help you, too.

Education Strategy

Content is the key to a successful education initiative. Our experienced external education professionals can help you develop a world-class content strategy that starts with business goals and works through content development, delivery, and measurement.

Dedicated Platform Specialists

We know our platform better than anyone. Augment your team with full-time Intellum platform specialists who are prepared to hit the ground running and manage the day-to-day execution of your education strategy.

Virtual Events

Virtual and hybrid events and conferences are now critical in engaging every audience your brand touches - from customers and partners to employees. The Intellum Platform provides an ultra-modern, flexible, and scalable alternative to traditional virtual event solutions.

Ready to align your audiences on the products and services you sell?