Platform → Overview Everything You Need To Engage And Educate Your Audiences

Keeping your customers, partners, and employees aligned on your products and services is no easy feat - and it requires more than just training software.

The Intellum Platform is designed from the ground up to empower you to create, present, manage, track, and improve the kind of experiences that engage and educate your audiences.

UI examples of the Intellum platform

With Intellum You Can Introduce A Single Destination

Give your audiences one consistent location for accessing all of your live and on-demand educational content.

Educational Content

  • Onboarding
  • Product training
  • Knowledge management
  • Skills-based initiatives
  • Certifications

Live Events

  • Webinars
  • In-person instruction
  • Virtual training
  • Large meetings
  • User conferences
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With Intellum You Can Create and Manage a Wide Range of Content

We give you more ways to create, organize, manage, and present your content than any other provider in the space.

Create Your Own Content

Rapidly author blog post-like pages of content, quizzes, surveys, and assessments from inside the platform.

Create and deliver modern eLearning courses INLINE with Evolve, the #1 content authoring tool in the industry. Automatically sync changes and updates in real time with Cloud Sync.

Leverage Existing Content

Easily present an existing file, document, presentation, eLearning course, link, or video, and make it a trackable, reportable learning activity.

Organize And Structure Content

Mix and match these assets into paths, group paths into a collection (ideal for certifications), and organize content into easy-to-navigate topics.

Streamline The Content Creation Process

Use CMS-like permissioning and versioning for better publishing controls. Simplify complex localization processes and translation workflows.

Bring Live Events Front And Center

Help users connect the dots between your on-demand educational content and the live webinars, product training, virtual meetings, and conferences you create.
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With Intellum You Can Deliver Highly-Personalized and Engaging Experiences.

The people you want to connect with are more likely to engage if they feel like the experiences are built just for them.

UI examples of the Intellum platform. Highlighting personalization, awards and notifications in the platform

Customize The Look & Feel

Easily align with your brand guidelines. Choose from multiple homepage layouts and configurations and leverage HTML, CSS, and Javascript for advanced customization.

Engage, Reinforce, & Crowdsource

Introducing the only social experience purpose-built for corporate education and empower learners to demonstrate their expertise through collaboration, networking, and community.

Create A Sense of Belonging

Segment large audiences into clearly defined groups, create group-specific branding and content experiences, and introduce unique user journeys based on personas and desired outcomes.

Go Beyond Gamification

Use built-in, innovative mechanics like reputation, credentials, leaderboards, and challenges to encourage and reward engagement and progress against initiatives.

Personalize The Experience

Leverage our powerful recommendation engine and automatically suggest content, topics, and events based on the individual user’s activity, history, and preferences.

Track And Report On Everything

Permission data visibility, create powerful custom reports and share the impact with internal teams, stakeholders, and external audiences. Easily export to BI and data visualization tools for even deeper insight and analysis.
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The Intellum Platform is…


Our cloud-based solution is SOC2 Certified, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant, and ready for your security team review.


With 15 million users and counting, Intellum has solved big challenges like content translations, and global accessibility.

Built for Integrations

Our powerful API and out-of-the-box integrations ensure that you can connect to other mission-critical tools and apps.

Mobile Ready

Intellum works across browsers and devices and includes the industry’s only, fully-functional native iOS and Android learning apps.

E-Commerce Ready

Grow your revenue with a seamless, in-platform solution for monetizing high-value courses, certifications, events, and more.

Certification Ready

Deliver everything from simple product training initiatives with social sharing options to proctored, legally defensible certifications.

Ready to engage and educate your audiences?