Platform → Evolve Create and Deliver HTML5 eLearning Content, Inline and At Scale.

Scale your education initiatives like never before with an advanced content-authoring tool and learning management system that are made for each other. Create HTML5 elearning content, interactive educational experiences, and simulations delivered inline across every device and browser.

Stop wasting time switching from tool to tool, chasing edits and versions. See why companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Mailchimp, and Gusto use Evolve with the Intellum Platform.

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Authoring with evolve

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Create Better Educational Content With Evolve

Build engaging, modern experiences far more quickly than you can with other content authoring tools.

UI example of Evolve Authoring Tool showing the editor and live preview of content.

Intuitive Content Development

Quickly and easily build engaging and modern eLearning content without the learning curve associated with other tools. Publish courses for SCORM 1.2/2004, Offline, Web, and more.

For Every Action, Interactions

50 powerful building blocks called Evolve Interactions allow you to easily combine things like flip cards, carousels, flow charts, sliders, responsive tables, interactive and embedded video to create highly engaging experiences.

Multiple Question Types

Choose from a wide range of Question Interactions like multiple choice, drag & drop, sorting, and matching. Leverage content locking or branching to further enhance quizzes, assessments, and assignments.

Complete Brand Control

Easily align your educational content with your brand guidelines and other online properties. Add logos, colors, fonts, and styles for faster, more efficient creative design.

Review & Comment

Built with teams in mind, Evolve allows you to comment on any part of a course in real-time, providing co-workers with instant feedback and collaboration.

See Changes Instantly

As you build, edit, and update your courses, every change you make is reflected in real-time in our powerful Live Preview. See and share your progress like never before.

Image Optimization

When you upload an image Evolve will ensure it is optimized for the learner’s device. Update or replace an image used across multiple courses, and Evolve will correctly update every course that image appears in.

Immersive Simulations

Deliver powerful software simulations, product demos, or proof-of-concept projects with Evolve’s simulation component.


Whether you're a training novice or an L&D novice our resource hub has everything you need to kickstart your authoring journey.

Inline, For The Win

Intellum + Evolve is the first solution to allow users to launch and play eLearning courses from inside the platform without forcing the user to open a separate tab in the browser.

This means you now get all the interactivity and tracking associated with traditional eLearning courseware without any of the headaches. Goodbye, SCORM. 

Our research shows that learners complete Inline Evolve content a staggering 90.3% of the time.

Two Products, One Solution, Always Synced

Publish Evolve content in real-time to the Intellum Platform without having to export and import files. Create, edit, and sync Evolve courses from inside Intellum without ever leaving the platform.

Cloud Sync, exclusive to Evolve and the Intellum Platform, ensures your learners’ content is always up to date, everywhere they need it.

Maximize Creativity

Focus on crafting exceptional courses while your work syncs seamlessly in the background. Every course you create is automatically added to the Evolve Cloud.

Utilize Content Everywhere

Get your best content to more learners. Sync content seamlessly across multiple activities and even multiple Intellum Platform instances, without ever touching a zip file.

Evolve Pricing

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Evolve User License (Admin, Developer or Editor)
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Best if you only need one editor license.
per month or $480 paid annually
Our personal plan includes:
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Evolve User License (Admin, Developer or Editor)
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Free Graphic Designer and Reviewer Licenses
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Standard Support
If paid by invoice instead of credit card, price is $576 paid annually.


Best for teams of 50+ users.
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What Evolve Users Say

“With Evolve, you can create effective, beautiful and responsive elearning solutions, in much less time than it takes with other tools.”
Michael M.
Instructional Designer
“Evolve is an outstanding authoring tool. I love that I can customize each element to match my client's branding. This allows me to create high-end learning experiences.”
Cath E.
Learning Experience Designer
“Most solutions have relative strengths as either an LMS or an authoring tool. Intellum not only offers both solutions, but those solutions are directly integrated, opening up new capabilities around creating, publishing, and managing learning content as a team.”
Sean B.
Director of Product Enablement
Nitto Tire

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