Case Study

How G4S Doubled their Completion Rate

Homepage example of the G4S website on the Intellum Platform

G4S is the world’s largest security company and in North America alone they train 60,000 team members - 85% of which are hourly employees who may never see the inside of a G4S office. Turnover is an industry-wide struggle. While typical turnover rates in other businesses cap out around 15%, the average security company turns over 75% of its employees annually, with some smaller firms exceeding 100% a year. YIKES!

But G4S consistently pushes its annual turnover rate way below the industry average and one way they successfully combat excessive attrition is by investing in their employee base, giving hourly workers access to a wide range of professional and personal growth opportunities.

For the last ten years, G4S has partnered with Intellum to continuously find new ways to engage this unique audience and in 2018 we made three fairly small, but very strategic changes that significantly improved engagement as evidenced by the 53% increase in learner completions G4S witnessed in 2018. This kind of engagement goes a long way towards helping the company retain the high-quality team members that make a difference for G4S clients across North America.

Change 1: Adding Curated Content

Leveraging the best of the freely available content online, Intellum’s curation team developed learning paths on a wide range of Leadership topics, which allowed G4S to replace 71 purchased, but underperforming, SCORM courses, saving G4S $135,000 while significantly improving the learner experience.

Change 2: Redesigning The Catalog Home Page

Establishing a modern visual language for your learning environment is the most powerful, but underestimated element of a successful learning strategy. We have seen time and again the impact a cohesive, engaging approach to hero images, banner rows, and cover art can make on the learner’s experience. G4S definitely drove more completions after the new look and feel we developed together went live.

Change 3: Introducing the Public Catalog

The new(ish) Public Catalog functionality gives you the ability to share content publicly and allow users to explore the learning environment without forcing them to log in first. Previously, G4S directed learners to a static splash page first that described and promoted the learning environment and included a link to a separate Intellum-driven login screen. Using the Public Catalog functionality, G4S eliminated this splash page altogether. Anonymous users only have access to information about G4S and the G4S learning environment, which used to live on the external splash page. Employees can log in directly from the Public Catalog homepage to access G4S’ learning content and receive credit. Now users view the G4S learning environment itself as the destination and the ease of access has kept these unique learners coming back into the system.

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