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Intellum is proud to stand with other practitioners and researchers at the intersection of computer science, the learning sciences, and human-computer interaction. 

Our learning science practice works closely with Intellum clients, non-client initiatives, and academic institutions to better understand the cognitive and social processes that result in the most effective learning. 

We use this knowledge to constantly improve our own products and processes, while positively impacting broader instructional practices, so we can help people learn more deeply.

Illustration of a scientific scene focusing on learning

Latest Research Report

In the spring of 2022, Learning Science conducted a study to evaluate the current state of organizational education among U.S. companies. With the help of CensusWide, we conducted an online survey of 502 full-time decision makers involved in workplace education. As a result, we found that most companies are taking a serious approach to their education initiatives — and that those who abide by known best practices achieve the most favorable outcomes. For example:

  • 59% of companies with formalized education initiatives experience improved customer retention.
  • 60% of companies with curriculum-based education initiatives experience increased revenue.
  • 48% of companies that use a platform designed to educate multiple audiences experience decreased support costs.

Download the report today to discover which specific education activities drive positive business outcomes, such as increased retention, decreased support costs, etc. As companies brace for an economic downturn, proving the business impact of customer, partner, and employee education programs is more critical than ever.

Research Currently Underway

Our research initiatives strive to uncover how learning advances real-world outcomes in two key areas: customer education and workplace learning. 

Nanolearning Durations

We are examining how carefully-developed nanolearning segments can drive enrollment and completion behaviors by identifying the optimal duration for those segments.

The Impact of Notifications

We are examining how platform-driven learner notifications can drive enrollment and completion behaviors and we are coupling our own research with evidence-based best practices in notification implementation.
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Customer Journey with U of A

In partnership with the University of Alabama, we are conducting a study that identifies the ways in which learning can nudge customers to move along the customer journey.
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Sales Performance with Cornell

In partnership with Cornell University, we are conducting a study that identifies the strength of the correlation between learning and sales performance.

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Learning Science Weekly

Learning science is a multidisciplinary field that draws from decades of research and practice in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, education, computer science, and linguistics. But this rigorous field of study has remained largely inaccessible to education, L&D, and field enablement professionals. Until now. 

Every week the Learning Science Weekly newsletter, sponsored by Intellum, translates cutting-edge research into actionable insights and research-backed, evidence-based best practices that will help you deliver more effective educational experiences.

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