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Experience the Transformative Power of Education-Led Growth with Intellum

Unlock the full potential of your teams and learners with Intellum's comprehensive learning management platform, designed to empower through education. Schedule a demo to explore how our approach to education-led growth can:

  • Enhance Business Impact: Elevate your education programs to not just inform, but transform. Our platform ensures that every learning experience is deeply engaging, driving your learners from basic understanding to true mastery, thereby boosting your revenue and growth.
  • Expand Reach Effectively: Learn how our sophisticated yet user-friendly grouping and permissions system can help you effortlessly extend your educational reach to diverse audiences, whether internal teams or external partners and customers.
  • Drive Engagement and Retention: See firsthand how Intellum can help reduce churn and increase product adoption. Our tailored learning paths and dynamic topic recommendations are designed to deliver exactly what your learners need, exactly when they need it.
  • Cultivate a Learning Community: Discover how our integrated social and gamification features not only make learning more interactive but also foster a culture of collaboration and shared knowledge, turning your learning environment into a thriving community.

Begin your journey towards a more educated, capable, and dedicated audience with Intellum. Let us show you how education is not just about dissemination, but a strategic driver of growth and success.

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What Our Clients Say

“Our team evaluated many of the industry-leading LMSs and found that Intellum was far superior to anything else on the market, offering rich customization behind the scenes with an easy-to-use and simple interface for our end users.”
Leo Smith headshot
Leo Smith
“To achieve our goals, we needed a scalable and customizable learning platform. Intellum checked all the boxes we needed and more.”
Jaclyn Anku headshot
Jaclyn Anku
Director of Education & Community
"We selected Intellum because it’s a simple, easy-to-use platform for learners but also easy to use for administrators. It allows us to change courses, change topics, do so quickie and deliver great content for our learners."
Brett Porath headshot
Brett Porath
VP of Club Fitting
Nitto Tire