On-Demand Webinar

How to Create An Effective Customer Education Strategy

To move customer education from ad-hoc activities and requests to a strategic function, we have to start with a solid strategy. 

But what goes into creating an effective customer education strategy? And once you create it, how do you get buy-in from other teams to execute on this strategy?

That’s what Greg Rose, CXO at Intellum, and Doug Pietrzak, a long-time education leader at companies like edX and Google, talked about in this webinar.

Greg & Doug covered all your FAQs around developing and executing a successful customer education strategy, including: 

  • A systematic approach to designing and developing your strategy 
  • How to socialize your strategy across teams to get buy-in 
  • How to use your strategy to secure budget, headcount, and investment
  • How to execute against your strategy—and push back on one-off incoming requests

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