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Offer your employees a truly modern learning experience. Go Open Asset.

We know that employees are responding to smaller, bite-size learning initiatives. We also know that a more consumer-like work experience is the key to improved employee engagement. The Exceed LMS is the first Open Asset Learning Management System on the market. Now, learning professionals can leverage any file type, including things curated from the Internet, to quickly and easily create or supplement learning activities. No xAPI. No Learning Resource Store. Just real learning industry innovation.

Powerful and Simple to Use
Dynamic enough to meet the needs of the modern workplace. Simple and elegant enough to ensure a much better employee experience.

Fast Implementation
Rapid deployments mean that most customers are up and running in less than a month – even when switching over from other systems.

16 Years of Experience
Successfully serving more than 400 client companies of all shapes and sizes has given us deep insight into how employees really engage and learn.

98% Renewal Rate
Superior client service and low cost of ownership have resulted in one of the industry’s highest renewal rates – customer after customer, year after year.

Exceed Features

Open Asset = All File Types, No Restrictions

Any file or digital resource can now be used (and tracked) as a learning asset in the Exceed LMS. No need for the xAPI or a Learning Resource Store.

Rapid Content Creation

Mix and match a wide variety of file types including documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF files, traditional e-learning assets like SCORM or AICC-compliant courseware, and non-traditional resources like links to videos or blog posts.


The Exceed LMS combines positive gamification elements like badging with the proven impact of certifications and allows you to designate any Activity or Path as a Microdegree. Learners can collect Microdegrees on their profiles and share them on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Built-In Assessments

Quickly develop and deploy assessments and surveys within the Exceed LMS. Choose between auto-graded question types, like multiple-choice and True/False, or free-form response options, like long form answers and video responses, which can then be graded by instructors or peers.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

The Exceed LMS automatically recognizes the learner’s browser and delivers an optimized LMS experience for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. While other learning and talent management solutions rely on a "shrink-to-fit" version, Intellum’s Exceed LMS looks, feels, and operates like a native mobile application.

Unlimited, Real-Time Reporting

When it comes to reporting, no other learning or talent management solution can match Intellum’s Exceed LMS. With more than 70 off-the-shelf reports and a custom report writer built in, you can easily drill down to employee or question-level detail, visualize and share the success of your learning initiatives.

User Language Localization

Intellum’s Exceed is the first LMS to offer language localization on an employee-by-employee basis including English, French, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, German and Japanese. Need to train in an additional language? No problem. Contact us today.

Rapid Integration with Enterprise and HR Software

Why should you have to to wait months to integrate your new learning management solution with your existing, business-critical systems? Intellum's experienced technicians can bridge the gap in a single workday. We have deep experience successful integrating with the most popular “human capital management systems," including Oracle, Valiant, PeopleSoft, SAP, JD Edwards, Infinium, Abra, and Lawson.

Integrated with Popular Web-Conferencing Tools

WebEx, GoToMeeting and GoToTraining are popular tools for hosting informal online classes, virtual workgroups, and webinars. Now a simple, one-time authentication will allow you to leverage these online meeting tools to connect with users while relying on intellum’s Exceed LMS to deliver a much better employee training experience.


Software as a Service (SaaS)
Intellum’s Exceed LMS is available exclusively as a service. We host the solution for you, support and maintain the software, and manage ongoing maintenance and software upgrades — at no extra cost. This reduces the impact on your internal IT resources and means that the ongoing cost of your LMS is controlled and predictable.

Designed to Evolve
Other learning and talent management companies pass on to their clients the cost, and the associated headaches, of their “buy and integrate” approaches to growth. At Intellum, we build every new Exceed LMS component in-house. This approach allows us to deliver an LMS that evolves organically with the needs of our clients, their employees and the modern workplace.

Reliable and Secure
Intellum uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our primary hosting resource, and our backup, monitoring, and recovery procedures are robust. We are PCI compliant and audited regularly by Security Metrics. Intellum’s Exceed LMS provides users with reliable access and a secure environment for all of our clients' documents, data and proprietary information.

Custom Extensions
Hundreds of clients have found that Intellum’s Exceed LMS provides all the features and functionality they need to deliver better employee experiences. But we know the modern workplace sometimes demands that solutions address issues that are specific to your organization. Our unique platform approach allows us infinite flexibility in adding custom software extensions as the needs arise.


“Management loves that we can report specifically for their employees, filtering at every level. The reporting feature not only provides detailed reporting, but also allows us to run high level summaries. I couldn’t ask for a more complex, yet easy to use reporting system!”

Tina Fry
Training Specialist – LMS & Compliance, AlliedBarton Security Service
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“Our idea was to move to an LMS provider that really had the user interface nailed down, so that we could spend our time working with our expertise, rather than trying to become LMS experts.”

Brett Porath
Director of Golf Club Fitting, Titleist
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“We have experienced two other LMS products first-hand in the past 12 months, and believe me, there is NO comparison on any dimension: service, user interface, features/ functionality, reporting, or cost. Intellum has those other products beat by a mile. Intellum was an easy choice for us once we saw the amazing product they offer, and the smart, dedicated, creative, and super responsive people at Intellum who stand behind it. They’ve gone well beyond the call of duty on many occasions in the time we’ve been partnering. I know they care as much about our implementation’s success as we do.”

Kristin Lynde
Director of Learning & Development, Randstad Professionals, US


A Simplified Approach To Licensing

At Intellum, we believe that our pricing model should be just as clear and straight-forward as the impact our solutions make on our clients’ businesses.

Base Your Licensing Decisions On Your Organization
Intellum offers three distinct pricing options, allowing you to build your Intellum solution around your organization’s culture, learning goals and employee population. Contact us to learn more about our approach to traditional user-based pricing as well as pricing based on course completions.

Expedited Implementation At No Additional Cost
With Intellum’s Exceed LMS, you begin to realize a return on your investment immediately; most clients are up-and-running in under a month, even when switching providers.

Integrations Are A Breeze
16 years of experience integrating our offering with other human capital, HR and enterprise software solutions means we can easily ensure that Intellum’s Exceed LMS works seamlessly with existing systems. Easy integrations help keep the total cost of ownership low.

Cost Predictability
We build maintenance, support, or upgrades into our upfront cost. With Intellum’s Exceed LMS, you will never have to worry about unexpected additional costs.

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