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Informal assets have now eclipsed formal learning content across our top 20 clients - and their employee engagement numbers are rising as a result.
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A Learning Approach That Leads To Real Engagement

Bottom-up is the new black.

For years, your curricula building options have been limited to SCORM/AICC files and live classroom/instructor-led events because most learning technology providers only support these types of assets. 

While you have focused on creating or purchasing traditional, directed learning courses to fill these solutions, your learners have been engaging in a wide variety of modern, informal learning experiences on their own time. As a result, their expectations for learning have changed. Traditional, top-down learning environments suddenly feel out of date to the learner, and their interest in engaging with your content is waning rapidly. It’s time to flip the model.

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Recent research by Towards Maturity shows that while employees do appreciate e-learning, learners constantly complain that content is uninspiring or irrelevant to their needs. Learners are looking for quick answers, online support and a blended approach to learning.

It’s not that assigned learning initiatives are going away. There will always be content you require your learners to complete. The point is that learners now expect a more personalized experience that empowers them to identify and engage with content that interests them.

88% of learners say they prefer to learn at their own pace.
89% of employees believe they are responsible for managing their own learning and development.
Nearly all millennial employees expect their employer to offer an on-demand learning environment (similar to Google and YouTube).

Meeting the evolving expectations of your learners requires two things - an enjoyable, intuitive, consumer-like user experience and a wide variety of content that supports discoverability.

Taking advantage of these concepts puts you in a position to help your employees reach their highest potential. We call this a “bottom-up” approach to learning and like the color black, it will never go out of style.


Informal: Link, Video, Article

Informal for the WIN.

Here’s the kicker: As of Q1 2017 our top 20 clients have loaded more informal assets (like links to videos, blogs, and articles) than formal SCORM or AICC courses into our learning solution.

This is huge. The clients that have come before you have been leveraging the Open Asset approach to experiment with rapid content deployment and microlearning initiatives. What we’ve learned together is that there is a direct correlation between consistently adding content and improving learner engagement.

As clients consistently add new learning assets, engagement (defined above* as completions) hockey sticks and remains high. But when content additions start to fall off, so does employee engagement.

Every client has a different “magic number” that represents the ideal minimum content that should be added over a certain time frame. Let’s work together to figure out your magic number and crush those engagement numbers.

* To learn more about our thoughts on engagement, click here.