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Millions of our clients’ users, customers and partners engage and learn through Exceed every day.
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Now There's More To Learning Than Employee Training

External audiences need some love, too.

Do you know what happens when you invite your users, customers, and partners into a modern, organized and easy-to-use learning environment that looks and feels like it was built just for them? Engagement happens. Retention happens. Awesome happens.

So, why don’t you have a world-class external training program yet? We’re only half kidding. The truth is, your external audience wants to learn more about your products and services.

Consider This


of your audience considers themselves lifelong learners (Pew). Like the rest of us, they consume a wide variety of content on a daily basis.


admit that they are heavily motivated by wanting to do their jobs better or faster (Towards Maturity).


of companies already offer learning experiences to their customers (ELearning Magazine!).


also target reseller, channel & supply chain partners (ELearning Magazine!).


of these organizations are generating revenue through external learning initiatives (Training) and as a leader in external training, we can confirm this number is growing rapidly.

The good news is that your users, customers, and partners are actively seeking out learning opportunities. The not-so-good news is that your competitors have already captured a significant portion of their attention. Let’s win back some of that mindshare.

Get Sticky With It.

Successfully engaging external audiences requires two main things - great content and a learning destination that people actually want to return to. We bring the stickiness, making sure the experience of accessing your content is intuitive, enjoyable and nothing short of amazing.

Learn how we helped ensure a successful Made With Google launch.

What Keeps Millions of External Users Coming Back?

It Feels Personal
Users log into a fully branded, customized homepage that is unique to that learner. Specific images, messaging, content, and recommendations are served up based on the individual attributes of the learner - things like group membership, user profile data, previous activity, and performance. Thinking about personalization?
It's a Destination
We make it easy and enjoyable for learners to identify and engage with content that interests them. We also make it easy for our clients to present a mix of modern and traditional, informal and formal, voluntary and required learning experiences in a single environment. Users, customers, and partners find this approach valuable and as a result are much more likely to return on their own. Learn more about Exceed and the Open Asset movement.
It's Mobile, Just Like Them
Thanks to the industry’s first fully functional native iOS and Android learning apps, users, customers, and partners can engage in your learning environment without ever touching a desktop computer. They can discover, access and complete every activity type, including links, videos, surveys, and assessments. The app incorporates the same gamified incentives that are present in the desktop version of Exceed, like badges and microdegrees, and notification reminders ensure learners never miss another due date or learning opportunity. Moving between mobile and desktop is seamless, however.

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