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This Learning Thing Is Hard.

There is more noise in the learning space today than there ever has been and tech companies are being bombarded with conflicting messages. On the one hand, there’s the ever growing number of niche, “learning-lite” providers pushing one specific tactic (like “gamification”) and promising tremendous results at a fraction of the cost. On the other hand, the larger, more traditional learning providers are now trying to convince you there is a need for even bigger “all-in-one” talent management or HR solutions that include learning. It feels like learning is becoming an afterthought for the learning industry.

But here’s the thing - we have observed over time that learners do not engage with and return to fad-driven tools or bulky enterprise solutions. Whether you are supporting an internal audience like employees or an external audience like users, successful learning is 100% about engagement. So why focus on anything else?

Learning engagement requires two things: a consumer software-like user experience and a wide variety of formal and informal content. To deliver this kind of experience to your audience you will need learning software that is powerful enough to meet your admin, content deployment and reporting needs, but simple and enjoyable enough to capture the attention and imagination of the actual user.  Striking this balance is extremely difficult to do and has taken us seventeen years to perfect. We believe this balance is what ultimately attracts other successful tech companies to Intellum.

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Five Things Tech Companies Dig About Intellum

№ 1

The Solutions Just Look Right

Lots of companies talk about “consumerizing the enterprise, ” but very few deliver on that promise. We believe firmly that learning engagement begins when users log into an environment that looks and feels like the consumer applications we rely on every day. If you are going to ask your employees or customers to visit, and consistently return to, a third party learning solution it better deliver the same quality experience they receive when they interact with your brand in other ways.
№ 2

We’ve Got The Engineering Talent

We are a company comprised entirely of software engineers, developers and experienced tech industry professionals who pride themselves on staying ahead of the curve. We focus way more on delivering remarkable learning software experiences than we do on pushy sales and marketing initiatives. We strive to hire the best individual for every position, regardless of location and as a result, our team now spans ten different countries. This diversity provides us with fresh perspectives on technology, software engineering, and solution design.
№ 3

We Want To Collaborate

Our tech clients often become power users and we learn a lot from our power users, so we take a very collaborative and consultative approach to tech client relationships. Leveraging Intellum-specific capabilities like Open Asset and curation, we help our tech clients develop content strategies inside the learning environment that actually move the needle against their larger corporate objectives. We also understand the challenges associated with managing your ever-evolving technology ecosystem and the partners within it. That’s why we elect to be transparent with our roadmap and review it often with our clients. As our vision matures and your needs change, we will always be on the same page when it comes to how we fit into your bigger strategy.
№ 4

Proven Ability To Scale

Tech companies also have to worry about their vendors’ ability to scale, and scale in two distinct ways: the technology must be able to perform under an increased or expanding workload and the business must be able to scale to support the dynamic needs of growing tech companies. Time sensitive and critical requests like rapid localization, new time-zone support and strategic consulting around learning best practices can pop up without warning. Several of our clients have more than a million users in our solutions and as these numbers continue to grow or fluctuate, our clients are confident in our ability to meet the demand.
№ 5

We Release Early, We Release Often

We have always been an “on-demand” SaaS provider and have built our specific approach to SaaS around the “release early, release often” philosophy of software development, which calls for frequent updates and new feature releases early in the production cycle. This strategy* creates a tight feedback loop between us, allowing our tech clients, for example, to help define what our products become. This is how we ensure that we are building software that addresses our clients’ real needs and that learners actually enjoy using.
*This strategy does NOT mean that we devalue quality. On the contrary, we are deeply committed to maintaining high quality releases. If we don’t think something is ready for production, we won’t release it. But we do strive to get updates into the hands of the people who actually use the software. To learn more about why we choose to deliver software this way, read our blog post about it.