Intellum Introduces Reputation-Based Gamification For Business Education Initiatives

– In an industry first, Intellum clients can now harness the power of reputation and peer recognition to better engage and motivate learners –

ATLANTA, April 27th, 2023 -- Intellum, the leader in EdTech for Business, today announced that Reputation-Based Gamification is now part of the core Intellum platform. Intellum is the first education technology company to move beyond the behavioral-focused game mechanics found inside other learning management systems and education platforms. The new capabilities empower clients to better motivate learners by tying the consumption of content and the acquisition of skills and knowledge to peer recognition. 

Many businesses adopt gamified learning models in an effort to motivate employees, customers, and partners to complete corporate learning initiatives by awarding digital badges or points. While this approach has been somewhat effective in driving engagement, it fails to tie recognition and reward to what matters most: content mastery and efficacy.

“Engaging learners is critical, but most gamified learning initiatives drive the wrong behavior, encouraging learners to speed through content just to earn a badge, as opposed to motivating them to learn for the right reasons. Over time, we’ve proven that this type of behavioral engagement has no impact on the success of a business education initiative,”  said Chip Ramsey, CEO of Intellum. “However, learning science research has now demonstrated that reputation is the best motivator for self-directed learning. Our new approach to Reputation-Based Gamification finally connects the dots for the learner, illuminating the personal benefits of acquiring the right knowledge and motivating them to learn by tapping into everyone's desire to be recognized and respected by their peers.”

Intellum has offered industry-leading gamification and social learning functionality for years, and the new Reputation-Based Gamification combines both social motivation and gamified learning experiences in an all-new way. Learners are now encouraged to build reputation by consuming content tied to specific skills and competencies (as defined by the client). Reputation points accrue and are displayed on the learner’s profile, skill by skill, so learners can easily be identified and recognized for their respective skill sets and expertise. Proven game mechanics like timed challenges and leaderboards keep learners engaged and motivated, and clients can offer awards like shareable credentials for learning achievements. 

“Intellum provides a platform where learners are encouraged to challenge themselves and their peers with friendly competition. It is essential in driving continued growth through training, which in turn leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction,” shared Alyssa Morris, Associate Director of Design for Cricket Wireless. 

Intellum’s new approach to gamification includes:

  • Skills-based Learning and Reputation Accumulation – earn reputation across key skill competencies after completing relevant content. Share skills acumen on profiles and with peers. 
  • Credentials Acquisition for Topic Mastery earn Credentials by completing specific learning paths or sequenced coursework, which can be shared on profiles or through professional and social networks, showcasing subject mastery. 
  • Timed Challenges and Leaderboards – accelerate skills and reputation building by competing against peers in timed, topic-based Challenges. Climb Challenge Leaderboards and track peers’ activity on progress. 
  • Rewards Store Support – earn “Gold” when finishing courses, completing Challenges, or earning Credentials, and redeem it for prizes.   
  • Self-Service Admin Settings and Reporting – set up and manage game mechanics, as well as track skills progression, topic mastery, learner engagement, content performance, and “Gold” balances and transactions. 

“We’re seeing more and more thought leaders and partners in our industry get certified and post on LinkedIn. And those are the people who are going to share their accomplishments and participate in other forums or communities,” explained Samantha Parsons, Director of Partnerships Experience Academy at “For that reason, we’re giving our learners the ability to earn reputation points and add additional credentials while mastering a particular topic. Gamification is a very integral piece of our education initiatives—and a much larger growth strategy for us. That’s why we’re super excited about Intellum’s new reputation-based in-platform capabilities.” 

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