Intellum Unveils Evolve Cloud Sync, Setting the Bar for eLearning Content Authoring and Delivery

Evolve, the learning industry’s go-to content authoring software, now enables eLearning courses to be saved to the cloud and seamlessly published in real time to the Intellum Platform.

Atlanta, GA, November 2, 2023 - Intellum, a leading enterprise learning management system ("LMS"), today announced the release of Evolve Cloud Sync, a groundbreaking upgrade enhancing the integration between the popular Evolve content authoring tool and the Intellum Platform. This development simplifies and accelerates collaboration between education content creators and LMS administrators by streamlining how course content is authored and published. 

Evolve Cloud Sync eliminates the time, inefficiency, and burden of exporting and importing zip files by automating the transfer of real-time content updates from Evolve to the Intellum Platform. It provides clear insight into content change history, removing the need to manually track and manage version control. Like all Intellum products, Evolve Cloud Sync is built for scale, supporting the syncing of content to multiple learning activities across multiple Intellum instances. 

“We’re a broad team who regularly make updates, so an automated process like Cloud Sync is helpful in ensuring we’re all sharing content updates in the same way,” said Sean Barry, Director of Product Enablement at IPG Mediabrands.

Intellum’s pioneering approach unites a leading content authoring tool with Intellum’s enterprise-ready LMS, resulting in a seamless and dynamic learner experience. Content displays inline for the learner, giving clients all the interactivity and tracking associated with traditional eLearning courseware without any of the user experience or reporting issues associated with SCORM.

“Evolve is already the go-to authoring tool for learning professionals who want to create highly branded interactive educational experiences and simulations that work seamlessly across every device and browser,” said Intellum CEO Chip Ramsey. “Evolve Cloud Sync further automates the process of publishing and updating these modern learning experiences at scale, significantly reducing the workload for both content creators and platform administrators.”

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