Intellum Announces Reputation-Based Gamification in Community, Enhances Peer-to-Peer Learning and Skills Mastery

Infusion of Intellum’s Gamification Program into Community Improves Engagement and Promotes Organic Knowledge Sharing

ATLANTA, August 29, 2023 -- Intellum, a leading enterprise learning management system ("LMS"), today announced that Reputation-Based Gamification is now available in Community, part of the company’s built-in social learning suite, Intellum Social. This offering is a continuation of Reputation-Based Gamification, which moves beyond the behavioral-focused game mechanics found inside other learning management systems to instead focus on skill and knowledge acquisition through peer recognition.

Many businesses adopt gamified learning models in an effort to motivate employees, customers, and partners to complete corporate learning initiatives by awarding digital badges or points. While this approach has been somewhat effective in driving engagement, it fails to tie recognition and reward to what matters most: content mastery and efficacy.

Intellum’s Reputation-Based Gamification combines both social motivation and gamified learning experiences in an all-new way. Learners are now encouraged to build reputation by consuming content tied to specific skills and competencies (as defined by the client). With today’s release of Reputation-Based Gamification in Community, companies can now tie community engagement and participation to that same skill development—rewarding learners for community contributions tied to skills acquisition. 

Intellum has offered industry-leading gamification and social learning functionality for years, and the new Reputation-Based Gamification combines both social motivation and gamified learning experiences in an all-new way. Today’s incorporation of Reputation-Based Gamification allows valuable subject-matter experts and high achievers to get recognized for their community contributions, accelerating skill acquisition through organic peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Learners can also now see community responses when searching for information within the Intellum Platform.

“The most successful education initiatives constantly find new ways to engage their learners by offering compelling reasons to return to the learning destination. Working with our clients, we find that people are motivated to learn when there’s peer recognition of and reward for sharing their knowledge and expertise,” said Chip Ramsey, CEO of Intellum. “When companies introduce an in-platform community experience that supports their learning initiatives, learners are able to both demonstrate what they’ve learned by answering questions and receive ‘just-in-time’ insights from fellow learners. This creates a virtuous cycle of learning, sharing, and engagement.”

Reputation-Based Gamification in Community provides:

  • Reputation-Based Skills Acquisition: Turn knowledge sharing into skills-building activities tied to high-value course work, with game mechanics focused on skills mastery and improvement rather than habit-forming functionality.
  • Learning from Leaders: Find Community members with the most expertise, highest achievements, and best track record of engagement with the Leaderboard.
  • Incentivized Knowledge Sharing: Recognize learners for their contributions through Reputation points earned across key skills when they ask, answer, and vote on questions.
  • Measurable Goals: Tie peer knowledge sharing to skills-based goals and business initiatives with quantifiable Reputation reporting across both Course and Community activity.
  • Social Learning Solutions Validation: “Rewards for contributions” features make it easy to validate investment in social learning and formalize and leverage user knowledge sharing across the organization to quantify and track community contributions amongst holistic education initiatives.