Research Reveals the Astonishing Impact of Customer Education Programs

Study shows that companies with formalized customer education programs improve top-line revenue by an average of 7.6%

ATLANTA – May 14, 2024 – New research finds that companies with formalized customer education programs see a considerable boost in top-line business results, including increased revenue, improvements in customer retention, and decreases in support costs. The Forrester study, commissioned by Intellum, found that 96% of respondents’ organizations have had positive returns on their investment in customer education. 

In addition, companies reported an average 38.3% increase in adoption of products targeted by training, 26.2% improvement in customer satisfaction, 35% increase in average lifetime value per trainee, 28.9% increase in win rates for new customers, and 15.5% decrease in customer support costs.

“For years, we’ve seen customer education drive retention, product adoption, and customer satisfaction,” said Greg Rose, CXO at Intellum. "This report confirms that forward-thinking companies are now leveraging their investment in education to bridge the gap between pre and post-sales. By pulling education forward in the customer lifecycle, they are clearly increasing win rates and accelerating deal cycles, further demonstrating the impact customer education can make on business outcomes like revenue growth."

Additional Findings

  • High-success organizations are more likely to have fully formalized education programs—rather than ad hoc efforts.
  • When high-success organizations contract third-party vendors, the focus is gaining expertise, skills, and innovation they don’t have in-house, rather than cost or faster development time. As a result, these organizations get far more out of these engagements.
  • High-success organizations consider a diverse learning content mix, mobile accessibility, platform scalability, and support and guidance from platform vendors as the most important elements of running a successful customer education program.

‍About the Study‍

Earlier this year, Intellum commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the current state of customer education programs for varying companies. The research included an online survey with 300 customer education decision-makers from U.S.-based companies to explore the use and success rates of customer education. The survey was conducted during February and March 2024. Download the full study here.

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