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What happens when you combine the best of

Customer Experience with the best of Customer Education?

Revenue Happens. Retention Happens. Awesome Happens.
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Design and deliver highly-personalized, highly-engaging user experiences at scale.

Your customers and partners need a lot of information about your products and services and they are coming from all over the Web to get it. They’re coming from search. They’re coming from social. They’re coming from email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and microsites. They’re even coming from inside your own apps and tools.

We say let them come.

Because the Intellum platform now offers you a single destination that is designed to address the complexities of authenticating and segmenting large user populations that originate all over the Web.

This means you can easily combine learning, marketing, knowledgebase, customer success and support initiatives into a single experience that will make every customer, partner or employee feel like it was designed just for them.

The Intellum Platform

At the center of our offering is the Intellum platform, which provides all of the tools you need to create, present, manage, track and improve highly-personalized learning experiences for customers, partners and even employees.

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Create Your Own Content

You can author your own content as quickly as you can write a blog post, and you can create assessments, quizzes and NPS surveys directly inside Intellum.

Leverage Existing Content

Our unique Open Asset approach allows you to make any file, document, presentation, link or video a trackable, reportable learning activity.
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Reduce Friction

Our fully-customizable solution lets you present the right content at the right time to each individual user, with minimal-to-no friction from login or authentication.

Engage Your Audience

Utilize engagement tactics like personalization, recommendations, requirements, certifications, mobile access, real-time chat, and gamification, to create the ultimate experience for your users.
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Further enhance the experience by introducing Tribe, a powerful social tool that takes the concepts of user-generated content and engagement to a whole new level.


Users can share links, videos, images, files, and polls to kickstart conversation, collaboration, and engagement with your content.


Like traditional social tools, users can bump content to increase visibility, comment with user mentions and hashtags, and react with a variety of emoji.

Private & Secure

Unlike other consumer and enterprise collaboration products, Tribe is private, secure and focused entirely on your community of learners.

A Better Chat Experience

Users can engage in one-on-one or group chats, and you can embed these chat experiences within your content in the Intellum Platform.


Track and reward progress against your initiatives or campaigns by introducing successful and positive game mechanics.

Earn Points & Badges

Users earn “XP” points and badges for completions, posts, comments and replies in Intellum and Tribe as they strive to make it to the next level.

Recognize Performance

Motivate and drive behavior change by encouraging users to compete with peers and rise up the leaderboard.

Issue Challenges

Create friendly competitions between teams to track their progress against specific initiatives, campaigns or goals.

Prove Correlations

Pull in data from tools like Salesforce, GitHub and your CRM to clarify the relationship between your content and the user’s performance.


When your learning initiatives require more than copy and video, the Evolve authoring tool allows you to build full-blown, responsive and mobile-ready eLearning courses that can easily be deployed through the Intellum Platform.


Develop, edit and publish stylish, responsive HTML5 content much faster, and at a much lower cost, than ever before.


Deliver creative, branded learning content without the learning curve or expertise required with traditional authoring tools like Articulate or Adobe Captivate. Publish directly from Evolve to Intellum.


Leverage Interactive video, branching, flip cards, carousels, flow charts, sliders, and responsive tables to give your users an online experience that aligns more with marketing than with traditional learning.
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The best way to learn about the Intellum Platform is to experience the Intellum Platform.

Learn more about our products and services. Learn more about our company. Test drive the experience for yourself.

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