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13 People to Follow in L&D

Shannon Howard
August 10, 2023
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How we approach learning and development is changing.

With the introduction of new technologies—along with the rise of new employee skill sets needed to succeed—it's important that L&D professionals pursue their own learning to stay on top of trends. 

But where do you turn for learning in a world where things change so quickly?

Increasingly, the answer is becoming LinkedIn.

Keep up with what's happening in L&D by following these influencers online:

1. Brigette Hyacinth

A top-ranked HR influencer, Brigette speaks on leadership development and how digital transformation and AI are changing the HR landscape. She’s also the author of five books on leadership and the future of work. 

2. Lavinia Mehedințu

With a background in L&D, Lavinia became co-founder of Offbeat, a platform for L&D professionals to grow in their careers through knowledge sharing. She writes regularly about L&D trends, social learning, behavior change, and technology. 

3. Brandon Carson 

In addition to serving as the Global Head of Learning, Development, and Partner Experiences at Starbucks, Brandon founded L&D Cares, a no-cost coaching and mentorship program for L&D professionals. 

4. Michelle Ockers 

Michelle is an L&D strategist and host of the Learning Uncut podcast. She regularly posts about the strategy and how-to’s of creating great learning solutions, frameworks, and teams.

5. Arun Pradhan

Arun brings a great cross-disciplinary lens to L&D. He’s the General Manager of Learning at ANZ and Co-Founder of ModelThinkers, a platform of curated and explained mental models. 

6. Christopher Lind

Chris is currently Chief Learning Officer at ChenMed. For the last four years, he’s also been host of weekly Learning Tech Talks on LinkedIn. Christopher posts regularly about digital transformation and the future of work. 

7. Laura Overton

Laura is one of those people who’s done it all. For 15 years, she led a global research program on how learning innovation delivers business value. Since 2004, she’s authored or co-authored 70+ major research reports and 300 articles for industry publications. She posts about the future of learning and workplace development.

8. Kim Tuohy

Kim is an instructional designer and eLearning developer with a strong focus on human-centered design. If you’re focused on learning design as part of your L&D programs, the community at Belvista Studios is a great resource.

9. John Leh 

John is the leading analyst for learning tech research at Talented Learning. With a background in LMS sales and education, John brings a research-based perspective to the tools and technologies that can best support learning teams. (Catch his recent interview on the CELab Podcast about navigating the LMS marketplace.)

10. Craig Weiss

Craig is the founder and lead analyst at the Craig Weiss Group. A top analyst and advisor in the learning system market and eLearning industry, Craig also created FindAnLMS, a directory where learning professionals can find the right learning system to meet their organizational needs.

11. Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is a well-known industry analyst, researcher, and thought leader in the field of corporate learning and development. He writes and posts regularly about HR tech, diversity, and organizational development. 

12. Will Thalheimer

A learning scientist and consultant for more than 25 years, Will focuses on evidence-based practices and research-to-practice applications in the L&D field.

13. Clark Quinn

An author, consultant, and speaker in the field of L&D, Clark Quinn emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practice and the integration of technology in learning.

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