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9 Benefits Of Proctoring Online Certification Exams

Tyler Stike
April 7, 2022
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As more people take online professional certification exams, the demand for online proctoring is growing. Blended online proctoring solutions (AI plus remote, human proctors) have multiple benefits.

Online proctoring is much more than a way to catch cheaters. When fully utilized, it’s a resource to scale your online certification exams, increase access, support test-takers, and protect your brand reputation. 

1. It provides flexibility and convenience for test-takers.

Companies must let their audiences (customers, partners, employees) take certification exams when they want. People demand flexibility nowadays. 

Online proctoring services can provide test-takers with the flexibility to complete their exams when they decide to. They also remove the need to travel to physical testing centers, saving time and money.

2. It works for a variety of test types.

Companies can proctor just about any test in an online environment through various features, test settings, and proctor instructions. For example, a traditional certification test with multiple-choice questions or a performance test where the test taker completes a real-world task.

Here’s how proctoring can apply to various testing activities:

  • Written component, handwritten: If done by hand, test settings can allow the test taker to have a pen and paper on their desk without being flagged. The test taker uploads their written response to the learning platform.

  • Written component, typed: If typed, a browser lock ensures that the test taker can’t access other tabs or perform certain keyboard functions, such as copy and paste. The AI proctor monitors test takers to ensure they aren’t using a cell phone or other resources.
  • Employee verbal response: AI records the test taker’s verbal response on video. It also detects voices and provides a transcript of what was said. As an example, Honorlock’s remote proctoring software listens for specific phrases such as “Hey Siri” to spot test-takers who might be cheating—then alerts a live remote proctor so they can intervene by chat. 

3. Proctoring software allows accommodations to improve accessibility.

All software and technology should be accessible, whether a learning platform, online proctoring tool, or laptop. 

An often overlooked aspect of online learning is the ability to provide accommodations for individual test-takers. Online proctoring solutions allow instructors to provide accommodations such as extended time limits, bathroom breaks, and assistive technologies.

4. It affordably scales and helps estimate costs.

Some online proctoring solutions provide proctoring services at a flat rate per exam—or test taker. Not only does this help you estimate testing costs as you scale your certification programs, but it also protects your bottom line from unwanted surprise invoices.

5. Setup is quick and simple for instructors and test-takers.

With Intellum + Honorlock’s fully integrated, virtual certification solution, setup is a breeze. Instructors create the certification exam in the learning platform like usual, then click to choose the proctoring features they want to use. 

It’s easy for test-takers, too. They log into the learning platform, verify their ID, scan the room, and launch the exam.

6. It secures and protects data.

Data security is one of the most critical aspects for test-takers and organizations using online proctoring software and services. From how data are collected and stored to employee training and ongoing security testing, reputable proctoring services ensure data security from all angles.

7. It creates a fair test environment and protects company credibility.

If it’s easy to cheat on a certification exam, credibility goes out the window. Exams need to be fair and equitable for every test taker.

In the past, some online exams were proctored solely with browser lockdown software. But browser lock alone doesn’t cut it anymore. They’re easy to work around with a cell phone or other mobile device.

Luckily, online proctoring has evolved into sophisticated software and services to protect exam integrity from all angles. Solutions that blend AI and live proctors are especially effective.

These blended proctoring services use AI to monitor exams and alert a live proctor to intervene if potential issues arise. In addition, they offer powerful features such as ID verification, video monitoring, voice detection, and technology to identify if someone leaked exam questions on the internet. 

8. Proctoring software helps reduce test anxiety.

Test anxiety is common, especially for high-stakes certification testing taken online.

One study found that online testing causes test anxiety for 64% of test-takers. The same study found that online proctoring can reduce test anxiety. All test-takers who interacted with a remote proctor said the proctor made them less anxious!

Pull quote: “The proctor popping in was different than I expected—in a positive way. I imagined them being more strict. I felt that the proctor was helpful.” - Real test taker in a post-exam interview

9. It collects data about test taker behavior.

Online proctoring software collects valuable data throughout the test that helps instructors and organizations understand how test-takers approach certification testing. 

The in-depth reporting provides actionable insights to companies so they can continually improve exams and the overall experience.

Learn more about Intellum + Honorlock’s world-class certification solutions for a remote world.

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