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5 Customer Education Podcasts Worth Subscribing To

Shannon Howard
April 2, 2024
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Whether you’re just diving into customer education or expanding into new roles and responsibilities, there’s a lot to learn about this field.

From starting as a team of one to managing a global team. From technical documentation to instructor-led training to building and launching an online academy. From breaking down silos to proving the value of your learning programs

Regardless of where you are on your customer education journey, there’s always more to learn. And the best way to learn is from other CE professionals leading the way. The great news is: Many of these CE leaders are sharing their thoughts and experiences on industry podcasts. 

5 Customer Education Podcasts Worth Subscribing To

Learn on-the-go and get insights from other customer education professionals with these podcast recommendations:

1. Customer Education Laboratories (CELab)

CELab is one of the most popular customer education podcasts—and it’s also the longest running. The podcast is hosted by Adam Avramescu (author of “Customer Education: Why Smart Companies Profit By Making Customers Smarter”) and Dave Derington (long-time customer education practitioner).

For more than five years, Adam and Dave have interviewed and highlighted voices across the customer education spectrum. Dig into the archives, and you’ll find episodes on:

  • Customer Education and Community
  • Instructional Design
  • Cohort-Based Learning
  • Growing and Leading Customer Education Teams
  • The History of Customer Education

And a whole lot more!

(P.S. You can hear Intellum’s CEO, Chip Ramsey, talk about starting with learning science, in this episode.)

2. Customer Ed Nuggets

A new podcast launched by John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, Customer Ed Nuggets are short, 10-minute segments with customer education practitioners.

John’s commitment is to provide you with “bite-sized bursts of wisdom from the brightest minds in customer education.”

The podcast has already covered a broad range of topics—including content syndication, community, and ROI measurement.

3. Digital Customer Success

While not an explicitly customer education podcast, the Digital Customer Success podcast is a great resource for customer education teams.

Alex Turkovic hosts guests on topics related to digital and scaled customer success. Customer education can be a big role in these efforts. 

Some of the most recent episodes center around the role of education in the customer journey:

  • Video Micro-Learning at Scale
  • The Power of Hyper-Personalized Content for Customer Success
  • Customer Education and the Digital Journey

Each episode is full of practical tips—and Alex posts episode resources on the podcast website to help you take action. 

4. Customer Educated

A new podcast hosted by Trainn, Customer Educated features voices who have “been there, done that” in customer education.

The show offers actionable strategies and real-world case studies to help you grow and scale your education program.

5. The Visual Lounge Podcast

Matthew Pierce at TechSmith hosts this recurring series on the power of visuals and videos and how to make them even better.

In an era where more and more people are turning to video-based education content, Matt and his guests talk through the challenges of creation, to script or not to script, how to speed up video workflows, and a lot more. If videos play a role in your customer education efforts, hit the subscribe button for this podcast.

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