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The world is changing and companies are now rethinking how they engage prospects and customers. 

Sales operations are morphing quickly to address the realities of new sales cycles. Support and Customer Success teams are in overdrive protecting relationships and renewals. As a result, enablement is evolving, too.

UI examples of employee training features in the Intellum Platform.

More Than Materials

Now more than ever, organizations are searching for ways to align the employees that touch revenue. 

That’s because well-executed enablement can lead to:

  • 23% increase in lead conversions
  • 32% increase in quota attainment

But successful alignment requires more than just the deployment of marketing materials and new processes. Forward-thinking organizations are building new enablement programs around education.

Illustration of a street corner with a street sign and different directions to go.

The Smartest Way to Educate Employees

Our approach to enablement is based on decades of employee education experience and we can help you equip your teams with the right information, at the right time, to improve speed, productivity, and revenue.

Tie Learner Goals To The Big Picture

We’ve worked with a number of sales, support, and CS organizations and can help you identify the measurable, relevant learner goals that lead to improvements in individual and team performance. 

Create and Deploy Content Quickly

Create and deploy a wide range of content and live experiences that cover everything from onboarding and SKOs to continued skills development.

Deliver real-time education when and where the learner needs it, in the flow of work, regardless of device or location.

Get Personal With Experiences

Identify specific personas inside segments like sales and customer success.

Create content experiences, recommendations, and user journeys based on personas and desired outcomes that make each user feel like the system was built just for them.

Engage And Motivate Employees

Leverage powerful social collaboration, chat, and game mechanics to create an engaging sales community.

Encourage the crowdsourcing of answers, objection-handling techniques, and best practices. Introduce team competitions and leaderboards that capture and combine performance data from inside and outside the platform.

Inspect, Measure, and Improve

Correlating field performance to education content consumption is tricky business. We can help you identify the right measurements of success so you can monitor the impact of your initiatives on new logo acquisition, upsell, cross-sell, renewals, and customer retention.

Double down on what is working and improve what is not. 

Let’s build better enablement experiences together.