Team communication for the modern workplace.

Better collaboration maximizes the return on your most important investment – your employees. Their individual knowledge, skills, and expertise are the key to the future success of your organization. Intellum’s Tribe Social allows you to unlock this potential and preserve the information that occurs when you offer employees a better way to communicate and share knowledge.

Private Group Conversations
Each Tribe is a secure, invitation-only, private activity stream, where employees can share ideas, files, links, photos and video in an environment that works just like the other major social media tools.

User & Content Management
With administration and management tools built into your account, you control what information and which conversations individual employees and groups of employees can access.

Advanced Analytics
You can view user activity like frequency of visits or identify content specifics like most popular hashtag. Keep track of what your organization is talking about and turn those insights into action.

Multiple Tribes
The ability to create unlimited Tribes within your organization lets you encourage meaningful conversations between members of a specific team or with larger groups of employees.

Tribe Social Features

Real Time Stream

Members of a Tribe can post a question or link to something they find interesting on the Web. They can comment on someone else’s post or give it "a bump" if they want to make sure other Tribe members check it out. They can even share pictures or videos straight from their phones or tablets. Intellum’s Tribe Social gives your employees a modern, real-time, social media experience.

Media Sharing

Drop any type of file into your Tribe – there are no restrictions. Pictures, videos, and audio files can be viewed or played from within the stream. You can even browse, filter, and search for files in the optimized media view.

Mobile Ready

Conversations don’t stop just because a Tribe member steps away from her computer. Intellum’s Tribe Social includes powerful native iOS and Android apps that allow members of a Tribe to stay connected to the conversation even when they’re away from their desks or out of the office.

Find The Answers With A Single Search

Members of specific Tribes can search activity streams, filter results and preview documents to find answers to questions, identify which version of a document to download or catch up on important internal communication.

HR Systems Integration

Manually managing employee access across a large company is implausible. Intellum can seamlessly integrate Tribe Social with your existing HR or Human Capital solution. When an employee’s status changes due to a move, or a promotion, these changes will reflect automatically in their Tribe Social profile, determining which Tribes, and what information, they can access. If an employee leaves your organization, this integration ensures that their access to intellum’s Tribe Social is immediately revoked.


Minimal System Requirements
All you need is access to the internet or a web-activated mobile device. Logging in to Tribe Social is as easy as accessing any other social media tool, but Intellum’s Tribe Social becomes your company’s secure, invitation-only, private activity stream.

Seamless Integration With Exceed
Our new application platform technology allows seamless integration between Intellum’s Exceed LMS and Tribe Social. Create and manage groups across both platforms; extend your courseware with real-time, streaming comments; schedule help sessions and ongoing support; provide supporting documentation, updates, relevant media, and more.

Reliable and Secure
Only the employees and individuals you invite to join a specific Tribe have access to your content. Your data is protected from all uninvited parties. It is served via SSL encryption, both to and from your browser, and is securely hosted by an ISO 27001 certified, PCI Level 1 service provider who undergoes annual SOC 1 audits.

Email Notifications
All Tribes have fully customizable email notification settings. Want your users to receive an email whenever a new activity is added in the stream? No problem. Need a daily summary email of all the activities in your tribe? Intellum’s Tribe Social offers summary emails as well.


“Tribe has become a lynchpin of our company culture. It’s the fabric that connects us all to each other, despite geographic and organizational barriers. Employees are more engaged, and learning proliferates in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

Andi Campbell
Vice President of Human Resources, LAZ Parking
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“The postings and questions on Tribe gave us valuable insights. For instance, if we saw recurring questions regarding a particular topic or issue, we could jump in and schedule an ad hoc webinar to provide more guidance.”

David Dayton
Customer Support Training Strategy Manager, Cricket Wireless
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Simplified Per-User Pricing

At Intellum, we believe that our pricing model should be just as clear and straight-forward as the impact our solutions make on our clients’ businesses.

Pay Per User
With Intellum’s Tribe Social, you pay per user, and each user receives access to unlimited Tribes within your organization. Prices start at $1 per user per month. Contact us today to discuss discounts for organizations with large numbers of employees.

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