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How DISCO Reached 10,000+ Course Completions One Month Post-Launch

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How DISCO Reached 10,000+ Course Completions Across Audiences in One Month With a Small Team Using Intellum

DISCO is transforming the practice of law by applying technology to automate and simplify asks that don’t require human legal judgement Delivering a cloud-native, artificial intelligence-powered legal solution that simplifies ediscovery, legal document review and case management. 

The DISCO platform was intentionally designed to be easy to use and to work the way lawyers work. But despite its simplicity and intuitive design, there was still the issue of training customers on the ins and outs of the platform. 

In the early days, DISCO offered a 1-hour training to get attorneys up to speed, plus access to a collection of knowledge base articles. (This was in addition to their in-house training for staff and partners.)

This training helped some customers adopt DISCO's software quickly, but DISCO’s big question was: How do we scale training to reach more people as DISCO grows?

Enter: DISCO University

DISCO University
provides legal professionals and DISCO employees with access to live and on-demand courses to advance their skills with DISCO products for immediate application. 

It offers premium content to strengthen existing knowledge and acquire new techniques, as well as earn formal recognition through digital badges and certifications.

As Russell and team set out to build DISCO University, they knew finding the right platform was key. Using his 15+ years of professional experience in education and training, Russell pulled together around 90 criteria for assessing vendors. To train more customers at scale, DISCO needed to create a destination to house and deliver that training. Even better if it could also support training for internal staff and DISCO partners.

Training That’s Efficient, Effective, and Engaging

Russell’s team develops and delivers training that meet the “three Es”: efficient, effective, and engaging. These three Es were part of the criteria they used to assess each learning management system (LMS).

They found Intellum’s UX to be engaging; something that everyone can use. They also discovered that tracking growth and progress was easy with Intellum—a function competitors were unable to match. 

To achieve their goals of efficient and effective training, the DISCO team customized the DISCO University homepage to make it easy to get started. Users can start by choosing their role, viewing what’s popular, or picking their own starting point. They also created short, consumable chunks of content to help their time-crunched users fit learning into their busy schedules.

The Power of Segmentation

A key factor in DISCO’s decision to choose Intellum was the ability to segment content to different audiences.
DISCO University serves a number of audience segments, from DISCO users to anyone in the legal profession, as well as the company’s own employees.

The LMS platform DISCO would choose needed to be able to support the content and experiences of all these different audiences. The content itself wasn’t the issue—around 90% of their product training is applicable across audiences. That left the heavy lifting to their LMS. 

Personalized Content Recommendations and Native Certifications

The Intellum Platform leverages machine-driven recommendations to personalize the learning journey. This fits in nicely with the DISCO team’s goal to help each learner identify a knowledge gap, then focus on what they need to learn to fill that gap. They don’t want their users to spend hours on the platform—because that’s time most professionals just don’t have.

DISCO uses Intellum to offer practice exams, then recommend courses based on the learner’s results. Once the learner is up to speed, they can take the assessment they need to earn their certification in DISCO Search & Review, Review Management, Data Management, or Project Management.

Aligning Education with Business Outcomes

The DISCO team is seeing tremendous results on the learning front. But how is that education impacting business outcomes? 

Within a month of launching DISCO University on Intellum, DISCO set a record for monthly active users, a number which has continued to grow. Some of their customers started to financially incentivize employees to get certified—and some have even mandated their new hires get DISCO Certified. 

Next up for DISCO is understanding how DISCO University content consumption impacts ramp time for new customers, customer retention and growth, and any effect on overall customer satisfaction. To achieve this, they integrated the Intellum Platform with Salesforce (their CRM) to track what their customers and partners are doing in DISCO University. They’re also using these insights to track if customer education leads to fewer support tickets. The cherry on top? Their customer success managers use customer education as a touchpoint to build loyalty, such as congratulating a customer on a recent certification.

Engagement By the Numbers

The results speak for themselves. In the first month after launch, DISCO University boasted more than 10,000 course completions and 200 certifications earned. DISCO’s small but mighty 3-person enablement team created more than 800 learning objects and 200 learning paths by leaning on the content they’d created and refined through internal training over the previous two years.

But their success transcends numbers. 

DISCO University is completely changing the game for DISCO’s customers. “We have a long-time core customer from a top 50 law firm in the country,” Russell said, “and like many national law firms, they have an in-house training arm. But now they've completely migrated to using DISCO University for all training for all of their personnel.” 

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