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Underscore: Think Big: Education Across the Customer Lifecycle

Chi Johnson
September 13, 2021
Underscore: Think Big: Education Across the Customer Lifecycle

A thoughtfully crafted education program can impact your customer journey in powerful ways. 

When it comes to customer education, the vast majority of companies have positioned their education initiatives to only impact one portion of their customer’s experience and as a result, limits the impact of the program on the business.

“When customers are empowered from the very beginning to use your product effectively, they will transition through the latter stages of the lifecycle with ease.” -Ruben Rabago

In this Underscore webinar, Think Big: Education Across the Customer Lifecycle, our hosts Ruben Rabago, Chief Customer Officer, and Robyn Hazelton, Director of Marketing, walk through the customer lifecycle and challenge your current way of thinking. They dissect each stage and illuminate how an education program looks and performs there.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • How to identify gaps in your content strategy 
  • How the stages of the customer lifecycle are impacted by customer education
  • Where thought leadership falls into the customer lifecycle (and education initiative) 
  • The importance and value of tracking the learner journey from phase to phase.

Webinar resources: 

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