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Underscore: Ensure Your Education Program is Truly Accessible

Chi Johnson
July 12, 2021
Underscore webinar: How to Ensure Your Education Program is Truly Accessible

The most effective customer education programs consider learners of all types. In this Underscore webinar, Tim Bland addresses why your customer education program should be evaluated for accessibility and we walk through how to deliver that for success.

Our host Tim Bland, is the Manager of Front End Engineering. Based out of San Francisco, California Tim has been with Intellum since December of 2016 and is considered our in-house “accessibility guru”. He’s constantly thinking beyond front-end development and serves as an excellent partner to the Product and Design team. His tenure and knowledge are indispensable to Intellum’s success. 

Here’s what we learned: 

  • How to make your customer education program accessible for users with physical limitations.
  • Tips on making your program language accessible to your users. 
  • Understanding different clients with different needs.
  • The importance of cognitive limitations, and sensitivity to different effects and animations.
  • How content authoring plays a role in your program’s accessibility. 

Check out the replay here:

Webinar resources: 

If you’d like to see more webinars like these, check out the Underscore series. 

Underscore is a series of monthly webinars that elevates the voices of Intellum’s greatest asset, our people. Each month, our experts will share knowledge and practical advice on essential customer education topics.

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