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Underscore: The Future of Virtual Learning with CELab

Chi Johnson
December 13, 2021
thought leadership by Intellum

While virtual learning has been steadily evolving as technology advances, there is no denying the global needs over the last 2 years have drastically accelerated that transformation.

In this special edition of Underscore, we invited friends of Intellum, the creators of CELab to share their predictions on where virtual learning is headed.

As guest hosts, Adam Avramescu (Director of Enterprise Customer Education at Slack) and Dave Derington (Director of Customer Education at ServiceRocket) discussed the current state of customer education where you should set your future focus.

Adam said, “It’s time to offer multi-channel, in-time learning that supports multiple personas and takes away the course as a unit of measurement.”

Dave mentioned the surge of organizations building and launching their own education programs and cautioned the masses to not give into FOMO. He instead advises: “...slow down, sit down and think about all of the people we serve (inside and out). Test our assumptions about customers about what they want and need by asking them. [Then] design a program to meet the market.”

More of what is covered: 

  • Where to start, what to do next, what not to do
  • What formats and modalities to invest in, in 2022
  • How to present the impact of a customer education initiative to leadership and important stakeholders

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