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Underscore: Metrics That Matter

Chi Johnson
November 15, 2021
customer education webinar series

A crucial part of any successful education initiative is the process of evaluating its performance.  However, most organizations are more focused on getting the content of their education program out than doing deep dives into data. 

If you think a dashboard with a few live stats is showing you how well your program is doing, think again. 

In this webinar, Intellum Senior Customer Success Manager, Jill VanMatre breaks what you think you know about metrics, measurement, and KPI’s and gives it a new context. She breaks down how important it is to examine what the data is truly showing you instead of manipulating it to tell the story you want it to.

Jill concisely illustrates how to use the data you pull from your Customer Education Platform (CEP) to ensure your education program is meeting business objectives.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • The definition and relevance of commonly measured metrics
  • How to ask the question “why” in order to define what goals your program is aiming to accomplish 
  • What happens when the Intellum methodology is applied using the Intellum Framework

Webinar resources: 

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