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Underscore: Securing a Certification Program with Online Proctoring

Chi Johnson
August 15, 2022
customer education thought leadership by Intellum

There are a myriad of ways remote online proctoring adds value, security, and scalability to your Certification or Customer Education Program. 

In this webinar, Intellum’s CXO Greg Rose is joined by Honorlock’s VP of Corporate Steve Roper. Together they deliver a solid session outlining the need for proctoring certification program and how to protect the investment made when building one.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What proctoring is and the value it adds to an certification program
  • How online proctoring can help you scale a program offering
  • How to prevent and recover from a program catastrophe

We mentioned and linked to a few resources that will help you evaluate the need to build a certification program and ultimately decide whether or not to proctor it. 

Webinar resources: 

Explore how Honorlock leverages innovative technology to monitor user behavior of exams taken on the Intellum platform. They make online proctoring simple, easy, and human.

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