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The Support You Need - When And Where You Need It

Greg Rose
December 8, 2022
March 24, 2023
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If there is one consistent improvement on every customer’s wish list, it has to be reducing the number of steps it takes to get to the right answer when engaging support. 

Over the last several years, our Support team has successfully advised our customers on a wide range of questions and issues. But as the Intellum offering continues to evolve and grow, so does the volume and complexity of our customers’ needs.

We are excited, therefore, to announce a significant investment in Intellum Support that ensures our customers get the answers they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Welcome to the new Customer Care

  • (NEW!) Community: We have launched the Intellum customer community on Experience! W00T! Interact with other customers and Intellum team members, ask questions, share best practices, and help us crowdsource solutions, which become part of the ever-growing, searchable Intellum Q&A repository. The Community link is now visible in the main Experience navigation. Admin can easily navigate to Experience by selecting 'Help' under their profile image. Join us today!

    (Hey, Admin! Remember that the quickest way to get to Experience, and the new Community, is to click the Help link in the user profile menu inside your Intellum account).
  • (IMPROVED) Ticketed Support: Now, you can submit and track the status of every “how-to” question, project request, defect, or bug report directly in Zendesk. We are also leveling up the support team with increased bandwidth and Tier 3 agents who can address complex technical issues faster than ever before. Admin with Helpdesk access can now click here to submit and follow an open request.
  • (NEW!) Live Training: Expert-led training sessions will focus on features and functionality that will help customers achieve specific outcomes using the Intellum Platform. Keep an eye on the Live & Upcoming row in Experience for the next scheduled event. 
  • (IMPROVED) Documentation: From formalized curriculum in the Courses section to just-in-time reference materials under Help Articles, Experience has the documentation and educational resources our customers need. As we continue to release innovative new products and features, we are improving how specific customer inquiries and feedback inform the content across Experience. 

The new Customer Care approach will significantly improve how we support our customers and further demonstrate the impact education has on the overall business. Here’s to progress!

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