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The Evolution of Appitierre

Daryl Hedley
March 15, 2021
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The press release headline reads: “Intellum Acquires Appitierre”. Hard to believe the day is finally here.

When we started out, we knew we had a good idea; we had no idea that, just five years later, we’d be joining forces with our partners and our friends at Intellum, the company that created the customer education platform. The company that is now defining the industry standard for corporate learning.

The announcement was made together at the Intellum Experience Summit (IXS), in front of some of the biggest names in customer education, customer success, partner training, sales, marketing, product, and employee learning professionals. Before we do, I can’t help but think back on how far we’ve come in those five years:

We challenged ourselves to build an intuitive, cloud-based authoring tool to build - and use - engaging eLearning content everywhere, regardless of budget or skill set?

That’s the question we asked ourselves when we launched Evolve in 2014. We wanted to remove the barriers of traditional authoring tools, like Articulate or Adobe Captivate, and give customers the power to create, edit and deploy stylish, responsive HTML5 content much faster, and at a much lower cost. Three years later came Bloom, our cloud-based LMS targeted at small-and-medium-sized businesses.

Along the way, we met Intellum. Turns out, we had several shared customers and, when we had the opportunity to start partnering on projects, we knew we had found a like-minded team. I remember Chip Ramsey, Intellum’s CEO, saying that successful learning initiatives require two things: learning technology that people actually want to use, and great content. When the conversation turned to building something much better than SCORM,  I knew we’d found a new home.

Intellum + Appitierre

And here we are. The go-to for innovative learning, social collaboration, and performance tracking solutions and the go-to for powerful, affordable content authoring joining forces. Strengthening our support and product development resources to deliver learning experiences that actually drive business results. It’s happening. 

From that simple question five years ago to this day. There will certainly be more to come, so stay tuned. We’ve shared quite a journey together...and it’s only the beginning. 

Let’s do this!

About the Author

Daryl Hedley headshot
Daryl Hedley
Director of Frontend Engineering
Daryl is the Director of Frontend Engineering and prior to joining Intellum founded Appitierre, the maker of the Evolve content authoring tool, which was acquired by Intellum in 2019. Daryl fundamentally improved the online learning industry in 2013 with the invention of vertically scrolling eLearning experiences. Daryl is also a multi-instrumentalist, but the majority of his free time is currently spent improving his woodworking skills.