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Underscore: The Importance of Effective Content Authoring

Chi Johnson
August 16, 2021
Underscore: The Importance of Effective Content Authoring

We know what content is, we’re all content creators in essence. But how do we know what’s best for our customer education experience? And...even more important - what are the right tools for the job? 

Content authoring tools should make developing interactive educational experiences more efficient. In this Underscore webinar, Helen Bailey, Learning Experience Designer at Evolve, leads a discussion with Joe King, Senior E-Learning Designer of Konstrukt Agency, and Jess Di Cicco, Vice President, RUS Learning and Development at Randstad on what makes a great authoring tool and the reality of what they can do.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • What content authoring is and how it relates to customer education
  • How to build the best content for your program
  • How to choose the right content authoring tool
  • The benefits of using an authoring tool integrated directly into your education platform

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